18 Words of Gold Alternatives

Words of Gold is a scrabble puzzle game. It is a mix of the classical scrabble game you see in Words with Friends and Scrabble with brain puzzles such as the ones you get in Candy Crush and Alphabatty. This game is for people who love word games like wordon, scrabble, wordbrain, crosswords, spell and brain puzzles. Words of Gold contains more than 340 levels of the best Scrabble puzzles in lovely scenarios. Start a journey with lovely characters and assist the monkeys in their challenge against the evil owls by generating the biggest words and beating every puzzle. You have to connect adjacent letters to form words by dragging letters and making wordon the board like in scrabble. You can solve puzzles by playing letters, colored letters and words. You can play online or offline on your mobile device or system, anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can challenge your friends on leaderboards.

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Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a fun, free social crossword game app where you can test your brain power against friends from all over the world. You can invite your friends from the phone’s contact list and make moves in Messages directly. You can also search for the best opponent for…

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Wordiamo is a free word game app specially designed for iPhone users. In this game, you have to arrange letters to make words on the board. It allows you to make bridges between words to earn bonuses. You can play words anywhere, connected to other words or not. You have…

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Lexica is the unique word puzzle game that combines the skill of Sudoku with knowledge of Scrabble. The game has been featured in a number of daily newspapers of the United Kingdom. Now it is available in an interactive form for the first time. You have to slide the letters…

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Tanglet is a small, single player word finding based game application based on Boggle. The primary purpose of the game is to list as many words as you can before the time ends. The app contains many timer modes that determine how much time you start with. The game enables…

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Get. Got? GO!

Get. Got? GO! is an interesting and exciting puzzle and brain game app. It provides a new approach to forming words. Get. Got? GO! is an original, fast-paced, multi-player twist on the common word forming games. You can also play with your friends who don’t have iOS. The game contains…

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Wordfeud is a multiplayer puzzle game app that facilitates you to challenge your friends and random opponents to play with words. The interesting thing is that you can play in up to thirty separate games at the same time. You can create and place words on the 15 by 15…

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Alphabear is an interesting word game app created by Spry Fox. In this game, you spell words by choosing letters on a grid. When you utilize letters that are next to each other, bear appear! The bigger will be the bear when you use more letters in an area and…

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Lexic is one of the best words games in the Apps Store and Android Market. The application provides the broadest set of word game features. In the game, you will get a range of features that you will enjoy, and it will keep you immersed in the game. You can…

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Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends is the next word game addiction created by the team of Words With Friends. Turn based design facilitates you to play up to twenty games at the same time. You can play with your friends or search a match with a random opponent. Push notifications are part…

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ReWordz is a fun word game app that facilitates you to play an endless number of puzzles in different difficulty levels. The application contains great, colorful animations and graphics. Two game modes are part of it, Classic and Challenge. The Challenge mode comprises hundreds of levels. More than forty categories…

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Guess The Emoji

Guess The Emoji is an interesting word game app that will entertain you for yours. You can test your logic and reasoning skills to solve simple word puzzles. In the gameplay, a screen will display some emojis. Hints are part of the game to help you throughout the gameplay. Use…

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Word Colors

Word Colors is a new type of word game that facilitates you to match colors, form words, and multiply your scores. You can play against your friends, chat and view statistics. You can view how you rank against the people you play the most. You can play with your friends…

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CrossCraze is a classic word game program that you can play in your spare time. In this strategy game, you have to place letters on board to build crosswords. You can play solo against the computer. The game features beautiful graphics and provides an unparalleled range of game options. This…

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WordIt 2

WordIt 2 is a challenging single player word game app. This game is a sequel to the famous word puzzle WordIt. The game features some changes to both functionality and interface. WordIt 2 features larger game board that facilitates longer words and offers less clutter on later levels. The game…

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Rex verbi

Rex verbi is an interesting word game that allows you to compete to create the most valuable words. It contains different boards for both beginners and orthodox players. “hot sea” mode facilitates you to start the game with your friends. In Solo mode, you can play against one of the…

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Webfeud is an interesting game like Scrabble, Wordfeud, and Words with Friends. In this game, two players engage in an online battle, a feud over the web. You can play the game on any operating system like Windows, Mac, Blackberry Playbook, Android, iPad, tablets and Windows Phone. You can also…

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Crosswords Arena

Crosswords Arena is a fun, interesting word game application that facilitates you to play against friends online or against the computer. It is free word game that provides support for two players. In this game, two players score points by inserting letters on the game board. Real-time multiplayer area helps…

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Word Social

Word Social is an addictive word game application for the iPhone and iPad users. In this game, you have to find words in a grid of 4*4 random letters. It is a social party game where everybody who is online plays against each other. Everybody views the same grid at…

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