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28 Unit Converter Gadget Alternatives

Unit Converter Gadget is a small gadget that facilitates you to perform quick conversions to and from a variety of mostly used measurement units. The GUI has a modern design, and so you can easily work with it if you don’t have previous experience with IT in general. The program includes three dials that allow you to choose the desired conversion mode. In the first row, you can select from any array of measurement units like pressure, energy, mass, speed or velocity, volume and time. The second and third row shows the most frequently used units of measurements. When you select all the options, the program will show the conversion values. The program allows you to input the values of a specific unit so as to calculate the conversion required with more ease. You can toggle the application between two sizes. So you can maximize the window as well as shrank it to avoid interruptions. The built-in context menu is part of it that includes options like moving the app on the desktop, changing the opacity levels from 20% to 100%, and forcing the application to stay on top of all other opened windows. `

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ConvertPad is a fully-featured unit convert application that provides different unit conversion in Android smartphones. This unit converter provides the look and feels of the Android. The application provides all the conversion of daily usage. This program is especially useful for Engineers, Scientists, and Students, or even for around the…

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Unit Converter Expert

Unit Converter Expert is a straightforward application that allows you to carry out conversions between different units of measurements. It is a portable application so you can save it anywhere on the system or USB drive and use it without installation. You can get access to the GUI by double-clicking…

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Unit Converter

Unit Converter is a small multi-platform application that enables you to convert measurements units. The application offers support for adding custom units. The program offers a large array of options regarding units such as circular measure, time, number names, metric prefixes, power, mass, speed, length, pressure, temperature energy, volume, and…

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Unit Converter Professional

Unit Converter Professional is a comprehensive program having the aim to assist you performing different unit conversion tasks. It enables you to do unit conversions, and see math formulas related to symbols, trigonometry, physical constants, mechanics and other fields. You can also work with a built-in calculator. The simple design…

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Super Unit Converter

Super Unit Converter is a multi-platform application that allows you can convert different measurement units based on a source value. It provides options to allow thousands separator and the custom number of digits to display. On the visual side of things, the program includes a custom made interface. Different drop-down…

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XE (XE Currency)

XE Currency is a nifty program that offers with real-time currency rates for every world currency. The program shows charts and includes a widget for your home screen. The program starts with the home screen directly. It includes a tutorial, and you can access it from the settings. It also…

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multiConvert is a tiny and portable application that provides an intuitive environment for performing a range of conversions regarding measurement units. Remember that you should have .NET Framework installed on your computer if you want work properly. It is a portable program that you can save the program anywhere on…

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Price Helper

Price Helper is a currency converter that identifies prices using cameras. If you are going on a vacation or business trip to another country, it will assist you to convert the prices from price tags using the current exchange rates. It updated exchange rates in real time from the website…

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Convertr is a small iOS application that provides support for most practically used categories. You can convert between different sizes of units instantly. You don’t need to perform complex calculations. You can access your most recent and favorite conversations from home screen directly. You can also choose your preferred app…

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Extreme Units Converter

Extreme Units Converter is a useful Windows program that enables you that carry out conversations different units of measurement. You can find measurements related to area, weight, volume, length and temperature. The intuitive design shows all configuration parameters into a single panel. So you can choose the units of measurements…

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Mostappz Currency Converter

Mostappz Currency Converter is a special converter app designed by that provides only currency conversations. The application enables you to convert every world currency. The application contains the currency values for more than 168 countries in the world. The program provides live updates anytime & anywhere. You can view…

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Mostappz Unit Converter

Mostappz Unit Converter is a small and reliable unit converter that provides a set of top Android tools for Engineers. The application contains more than fifteen categories. The program allows you to calculate more than 1000 units. You can also convert currencies in real time. You can use it offline…

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Convert123 is a reliable conversation program that facilitates you to convert numerical from one measurement unit to another. You can make conversions between different engineering units and put at your disposal multiple tools for copying, emailing, saving and printing results. The application has a normal window with a clear-cut structure,…

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Byte Converter

Byte Converter is a lightweight program that enables you to convert numeric values between different units and get estimated transfer times for the different amount of data, based on provided speed. It is a portable program so you can save it on the USB drive and use it without installation.…

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Easy Unit Converter

Easy Unit Converter is a reliable source of utility having the aim to perform unit conversion tasks. You can perform conversions between multiple units of measurements regarding area, length, weight and temperature. The simple GUI contains all measurement units in a single window. It is very simple to use so…

Official Website

CONVERSION-ZONE is an interactive Windows 8 application that allows you to perform different conversion tasks related to multiple categories. With the help of CONVERSION-ZONE, you can perform unit conversion tasks directly from the Start screen. The application integrates many suggestive images and shows a colorful background image. The units of…

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ESBUnitConv Portable

ESBUnitConv Portable is a user-friendly program that allows you to carry out many conversion tasks between different units of measurement. The program offers support for 582 units of measurement grouped with the help of twenty-one categories. It is a portable version of the program, so you can save it on…

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PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter

PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter is an advanced unit converter program that offers support for thirty-five categories. It is a comprehensive utility that allows you to increase or decrease the text size, for a better view. To start a conversion task, first, you required choosing the Category, for example, Distance, Acceleration,…

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Convert is a lightweight program that has the purpose of assisting in converting all types of measurement units. It is a portable application so you can bypass the installation process. You can save the program to an external device to run it any computer. The interface of Convert includes a…

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Sicyon Units Converter

Sicyon Units Converter is an all-encompassing program that facilitates you to transform or convert specific units of measurement to other values quickly. The program offers a reliable way of converting different measurement units. Insert the amount of units and the unit you want to be converted, and type you need…

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Master Converter

Master Converter is a straightforward application that facilitates you to convert between different units of measurements for speed, distance, angles, areas, data transfer, conductance, charge, storage, energy, and data transfer. The clean interface of Master Converter has a resizable window split in two for both output and input units. The…

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NumericalChameleon is one of the popular unit conversion programs that assists the user to perform conversions between numerous units of different parameters. The program provides many predefined categories and exchange rate updating. The user-friendly GUI offers multiple tools in the form of accessible buttons and drop-down menus. It is customizable…

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Basic Metric Converter

Basic Metric Converter is a simple conversion program that enables you to perform conversions between many systems of measurement. The application helps you to work with power, temperature, weight, length, area, energy, volume, speed, angles, and pressure. The available tools are present in multiple categories, listed in separate tabs. You…

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N-Converter is a reliable unit conversion program that helps the user to convert measurement units on the fly. The program works fast on laptops, desktops, notebooks and tablets running Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. The categories are present in white text on the light blue background. The primary categories of…

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Protech Measurements

Protech Measurements is a small program that allows you to convert measurement units mostly used in a large variety of technical jobs and activities. The small interface of Protech Measurements is fairly easy to understand. From the left side of the interface, you can get a list of the available…

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BinHexDec is a lightweight conversion program that allows you to perform conversions between the hexadecimal, decimal and a binary number of representations. The program supports both positive and negative number and makes conversions in real time. The program can work with negative numbers. Only insert the value in any of…

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QUICK CONVERSION-Lite is a simple to use program that provides support for multiple measurement units. The program shows the converted units as soon as you type the value. The clean GUI of QUICK CONVERSION-Lite shows all the measurement units in the primary panel. The whole conversion process is an easy…

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32bit Convert It

32bit Convert It is an efficient program that facilitates the user to convert any measurement unit and change it into another by typing in values. The program runs on low resources and offers only a few configuration options. The GUI of 32bit Convert It has a tabbed layout so you…

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