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19 Ultramon Alternatives

Ultramon is a multi-monitor application which provides seven features to enhance your multi-monitor experience. The application comprises tools for mirroring a monitor on another monitor, creating program shortcuts and display profiles, along with a taskbar, screensaver manager, and wallpaper manager in multi-monitor mode. After installation, the program creates an icon in the system tray that the user can double-click to configure settings. The right-click menu contains entries with additional actions. You can choose the resize mode, allow the option to move maximized windows and take taskbars into account for maximizing windows to the screen. In addition, preserve the desktop icons position, utilize “Smart Taskbar” in regular or mirror mode and specify the process priority, assign hotkeys to frequent actions, and specify the custom spacing between standard and custom window buttons. Other options of the program help you to disable shortcut extensions, filter optional menu commands you want to use, modify settings for a program where a multi-monitor tool does not work correctly and ignore enabled monitors.

Official Website

DisplayFusion is an efficient program that furnishes a large range of options for assisting users to configure the screensaver, wallpapers and monitor settings. This enhanced application contains different features for customizing the screensaver and desktop wallpaper and modifying the monitor resolution and layout. It runs in the system tray silently…

Official Website

AquaSnap is a Desktop application that helps you to enhance your productivity without slowing down your computer. It makes your work efficient when working with many program windows. It is an inspired product from the Aero Shake and Aero Snap features of Windows 7. It has a comprehensive, tabbed interface…

Official Website
Dual Monitor Taskbar

Dual Monitor Taskbar is a small application that facilitates users to extend their system taskbar onto a second monitor and move some programs running on the primary monitor. It helps users to get the advantage of having two or more monitors connected to their systems. After installation, it acts as…

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Actual Window Manager

Actual Window Manager is a reliable application which can work as a feature-rich window manager, providing multiple customization options. It goes under the structure of the OS and furnishes revised and additional features for controlling opened windows. After launching the program, you will see a series of new buttons shown…

Official Website
Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools is a window application designated for dual monitor systems. It contains a collection of productivity tools assigned for multi-monitor systems. The program moves to the system tray after installation. The right-click menu allows users to access all its options and functions. Work with the application to control…

Official Website

ZBar is a small application that enables adding a taskbar to additional monitors and configure its functionality and style using a little effort. It comes in a portable version so you can work with it without installation. The application enables you to display the Windows taskbar on every display either…

Official Website

TaskSpace is a simple to use window application that can organize your work space efficiently by combining programs in a single window and grouping different task spaces as individual tabs. So the program can increase efficiency and enhance your computer performance. The application helps you to group many programs together…

Official Website

WinDock is an efficient window program which has the aim to improve your workflow on the computer. It can snap opened windows to certain areas of the screen and resize them automatically. It follows the simple principle; it splits the screen into different areas called ‘docks’ where windows are snapped…

Official Website
Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is a user-friendly application that facilitates you to create desktop profiles and insert additional title bar buttons. The program contains lots of features organized into different panels. All the commands and configurations are present on the left side pane, neatly structured in different sections. You can expand…

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Winroll is a straightforward application that facilitates users to make a window roll into its title bar, make it stay on top or send it to the back. It has the aim to help hardcore computer users who want to get full control over their desktops. After installation, Winroll creates…

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TaskLayout is a Windows application that allows you to create different desktop layout files and run them to restore the previous window configuration. So you can return to specific window configuration, whenever you need. The application can save different desktop layout files, run them and restore the windows that were…

Official Website

WindowSpace is a straightforward program that enables the user to manage numerous windows on widescreen or multi-monitors. It helps users to organize their desktop in an efficient way. It does not disturb your work by showing unnecessary windows. Instead, it runs in the system tray silently. When you need to…

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MultiMon Taskbar

MultiMon Taskbar is a simple and lightweight application created to provide help to people who use a multiple monitor setup with a means of adding separate taskbars for each screen. So this application is useful for users who have two or three monitors connected to their computer. The program has…

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MultiMonMan is a reliable multi-monitor application that can watch and control multiple screens. The application shows what is going on your other screen. The application remains in the tray icon silently and does not disturb the user. Double click the icon to get the interface of the program. The application…

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Monitors Anywhere

Monitors Anywhere is an efficient program that facilitates you to monitor activities of specific computers remotely. It has the aim to manage your digital signage systems. It helps you to supervise numerous monitors simultaneously, from the single computer. Change the display on each screen at any time you want or…

Official Website
Wallpaper Manager

Wallpaper Manager is a comprehensive program that can change the images you set as wallpapers automatically. Use it and be sure to have a fresh desktop appearance. The program enables you to set a cycle timer schedule for your favorite photos for a best desktop wallpaper enjoyment. The program has…

Official Website
JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite has the aim to help a crowd of users that work with multiple monitors to improve their flow and expand their area of view. The application comprises lots of functions and features for users to customize the new experience completely. Many interesting features are part of it,…

Official Website
Actual Window Rollup

Actual Window Rollup is a straightforward program which provides an easy method for applying tool for managing both active and inactive windows. It allows you to add new features, customize existing ones, and combine the previous two for something more practical. Take the Minimize function for windows and imbues it…

Official Website

MurGeeMon is an alternative program for controlling multi-monitor environments regarding screensaver and wallpaper as well as the program windows and taskbar elements. The application allows you to customize both the functionality and the looks of the devices. The nicely organized interface of MurGeeMon contains menus that cover features options for…

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