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15 Tree Torrent Alternatives

Tree Torrent is the largest meta-search engine for the torrent, currently indexing the most torrent sites like BitTorrent, The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, Torrentz, and Kickass. The program only contains legal content. The torrent files of Tree Torrent only include trusted and secure data. The service also removes torrents from the site if the copyright holder of the program requests. The program facilitates you to create an account on the website. So you can become a part of Tree Torrent community. The program contains the lists of “New Torrents,” “Top Popularity” and “Most Downloaded.” The search engine is present in the center of the interface where you can find anything you want such as movies, songs, books, season, software, shows and others. It only provides the link for torrent files, but you should have torrent download client for downloading the file.

Official Website

BTDigg is the Bittorrent DHT search Engine. DHT users can create database of BTDigg. It participates in the DHT network and follows the protocol specification of DHT. It is not a tracker; it only collects torrent metadata and a magnet link. The program returns the results as a magnet link.…

Official Website
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is largest BitTorrent indexer in the world. BitTorrent is a protocol that provides big and fast file transfers. This application does not contain files on the server. It is only a search engine for BitTorrent files that search data based on the keywords. The application allows you…

Official Website

Demonoid is a famous BitTorrent tracker and website that contains file sharing related discussion forums and a search engine for the tracker. The application provides files related to every field. The program contains multiple categories, for example, funny, pics, videos, movies, sports, music, television, jokes, jokes, gifs, news, gaming and…

Official Website

TorrentProject is a torrent search engine just like Google but only for torrents. The program is still under development in beta-testing mode. The website is adding new torrents on a daily basis and is removing old torrents with zero seeders to improve the productivity. Hard working robots are maintaining the…

Official Website

ExtraTorrent is an online index of digital content of entertainment media and application. The program facilitates users to search, download and contribute torrent files and magnet links. The program also offers peer to peer file sharing among users only for the BitTorrent protocol. It was the second largest torrent site…

Official Website

1337X is a search engine where you can find files related to BitTorrent. The application contains data links in multiple categories like television, movies, music, games, documents, anime, applications, XXX, and other. The program facilitates you to create an account on the website to become a part of 1337X community.…

Official Website

BitSnoop is one of the popular BitTorrent search engines that allows you to find most accurate BitTorrent files instantly. It is a torrent indexer, and its robots roam the internets to get torrents you need. The application is using TrackerMatch technology to generate magnet links. The website has a team…

Official Website

Zooqle is a simple BitTorrent search engine that provides you the accurate and trusted links of BitTorrent files. The program allows you to create an account to set up subscriptions and RSS feeds. The search box is present on the top left corner of the interface. The program allows you…

Official Website

Mininova is a website that offers BitTorrent downloads. A few years ago, Mininova was one of the largest sites providing torrents of copyrighted material. But in November 2009, due to some legal actions in the Dutch courts, the operators deleted all torrent files uploaded by regular users, including torrent that…

Official Website
10 is an intuitive software program that enables you to get trusted links of BitTorrnet. The advanced interface of provides multiple tools. The program also provides downloader to download torrent files instantly. It is a premium program, so you have to pay for installing accurate torrent files. First of…

Official Website
11 is a reliable and BitTorrent search engine. The program allows you to download movies with best results having smallest size. In this website, you can browse and download movies in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality. The program only offers YTS Movies torrents. The program allows you to create…

Official Website
Bit Che

Bit Che is an efficient and user-friendly application that assists you to get torrents using advanced search operations. It allows you to check out details about torrents like size, ratio, the number of seeders, leechers and source. The overall process of Bit Che is very simple. The clean GUI includes…

Official Website

TorrentRover is a straightforward program having the aim to assist you to get the content you want through the BitTorrent protocol. The user-friendly GUI makes it possible for everyone to search the files of their requirement. Remember that this application only files and download the torrent files and not their…

Official Website

LimeTorrents is a small and efficient BitTorrent search engine that allows you to download anything. The program includes multiple tabs such as Home, Browse, Top Torrent, Latest Torrents, and more. The application allows you to make a profile on the website to save your favorite links on the site. You…

Official Website
Torrent Harvester

Torrent Harvester is a file sharing program that enables you to search for torrent files, filters and download them without disturbing computer performance. It allows you to find torrents on many websites and copy their location details and use a torrent client to download it. In this way, it saves…

Official Website