30 SilverStripe Alternatives

SilverStripe is a Content Management System that allows you to create, manage and organize any Web-based program in different fields of activity. The program is extremely well documented and contains unlimited themes and modules to assist developers to extend the functionality of new features and tools. It is powerful enough to power any intranet or website, developed on advanced programming techniques and technologies. Developed on the SilverStripe Framework, it is the most respected CMSs in the business because of the underlying codebase. The application is well in tune with current practices, offering an installation wizard with every distribution, a beautiful admin panel, Composer integration, modules, themes and much other more. These features will assist developers to get started on their project and offer a solid product at the end of their hard works. The primary requirements for SilverStripe are PHP 5.3.3 or higher, Web server, MySQL 5+, PostgreSQL 8.3+, as well as JavaScript, enabled on the client side.

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WordPress is an open-source blogging application that enables you to create and deploy a stylish website in a fast and easy way. The program also provides impressive customization options. It is the most widely used blogging program and an efficient content management system that focuses on customization and simplicity possibilities.…

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ProcessWire is one of the most customizable and versatile Contents Management Systems for websites. It is an open source and free to use application for your new projects. The default sample data that comes with the program installation can furnish a good starting point to create smaller projects. To get…

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Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is an open source PHP portal that allows you to work in absolutely any scenario, from blogs to a wiki, to static sites, a social network and much more. You can use the program as CMS, a help-desk, a blog, a forum and an e-learning platform.…

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Yellow is an online content management application, a combination of a static generator and minimalistic flat-fie CMS. It provides a simple script for creating smaller websites. You can use the program to generate anything from a one-page site to complex wikis and blogs. It can adapt to anything you need,…

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October CMS

October CMS is a professional Content Management System generated on the Laravel PHP MVC framework. The program is ideal for all types of websites, regardless of their size. The developer’s team of October CMS has a primary focus on implementing proper programming techniques and generating a modern CMS in tune…

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Redaxscript is a simple, lightweight, pluggable, and customizable and much more. It is a MySQL and PHP-driven content management system for small private and business websites. It offers support for mobile devices. It works with a light code frame and provides multiple features as it can support without bulking up…

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Anchor CMS

Anchor CMS is a super-simple and lightweight blog system created to allow you just write. It provides you full freedom over your words. Write in HTML or Markdown or whatever you want. The weight of the program is small than a standard JPG image at 250kb. If you need to…

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CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple provides an effective way for you to manage the content of your website. It is an open source and web-based program that facilitates you to manage the content of their static website effortlessly. The program allows you to update your web pages. The program needs minimal hardware…

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Bolt state of the art PHP CMS, a modern Web program for creating custom-structured websites with the help of a visual interface. This content management system created on top of the Silex PHP framework. It targets designers and developers alike, providing an easy to use infrastructure for creating modern websites.…

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Symphony CMS

Symphony CMS is an XSLT-powered open source content management system that provides designers and developers control over URL schemas, data structures and every bit of markup. The program approaches content management with the underlying goals of openness and simplicity so that you can create anything. The application offers a lean,…

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Novius OS

Novius OS is a cross-browser, cross-channel and open source CMS that offers a single tool for all your digital communication requires. It is a new generation of Content Management System designed for increased productivity, multi-site and multi-lingual management as well as simplified multi-channel publishing. The program features a powerful media…

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Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system that can run anything from small campaign or brochure sites to complex programs for Fortune 500’s and some largest media sites in the world. If you want a demonstration of how easy it is to work with Umbraco, you should create…

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e107 is free of cost Content Management Program that has reliably powered thousands of websites and communities for years. It is a CMS created for the coders and webmasters. Start working with e107 and make it the engine of your fully-featured site today. It is very easy to install with…

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SPIP is a news publishing and all-around CMS script written in PHP. The program has a focus on easy content management and multi-lingual support. Built around publishing content in a blog-like fashion. SPIP is an ideal program for managing press rooms, professional blogger, and online magazines. It has advanced support…

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GetSimple CMS

GetSimple CMS is XML-based, fully independent and lite Content Management System. The best-in-class GUI provides features that every website required. It is the simplest way to manage a small-business website. By utilizing XML, it can stay away from introducing an extra layer of complexity associated with connecting to a MySQL…

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Drupal is a content management application that allows you to manage your websites, portals, and blogs. The program offers many standard features such as reliable performance, easy content authoring, and excellent security. Its advanced tools assist you to create the structured content that dynamic web experiences require. It is one…

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Blogger is a comprehensive online content management program that allows you to publish your passions, in your way. You can create a unique and beautiful blog free of cost. For creating a new blog, you can select from a selection of easy to use templates that include flexible layouts and…

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Squarespace is Content Management application that allows you to get your domain and start working online. It will help you for designing your new website. It contains award-winning templates to present your ideas online in a beautiful way. You can stand out with a professional portfolio, website or online store.…

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Medium is an online application similar to Blogger that allows you to create an account on the website and write down what you want. It is an online publishing platform created by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. He developed Medium as a way to publish documents and writings longer than Twitter’s…

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Weebly is an advanced Content Management System that allows you to tell your story with a beautiful website, blog and online store. With the help of its drag and drop website builder, responsive themes and integrated eCommerce platform, you can create a professional website without any technical experience. It helps…

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Google Sites

Google Sites is a straightforward Content Management System that allows getting Docs, Gmail, Drive and Calendar for your business. You can create impactful team sites with the help of Google Sites. It can make engaging, high-quality sites for your team, event, and project. You can do anything without any programming…

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WiX.com is a Content Management System that enables you to create your event, send beautiful invites, collect RSVPs and manage your guest list. You can find anything you require to promote, showcase, and sell your videos on your website. It is the best choice for presenting your video courses, films,…

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ImpressPages is a PHP framework for content management. It is a new MVC engine based on PHP components that allow you to customize ImpressPages in no time. You can write your own themes and plugins according to your customer’s requirements. Administration interface and website layouts are user-friendly and gorgeous. Hundreds…

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Sitecake is a simple Content Management System for a static website. The program allows you to drag & drop and edit your PHP or HTML website. The program works with regular PHP pages or HTML pages. It allows you to drag and drop items from everywhere; your desktop, other browsers…

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Craft CMS

Craft is a content-first Content Management System having the aim to make life enjoyable for content managers and developers. This CMS is used by some of the world’s top brands such as AP, NETFLIX, WILDBIT, OAKLEY, and Emily Carr. The program keeps the content fresh. The program provides you the…

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Fork CMS

Fork is an open source Content Management program that will rock your world. It can create a user-friendly environment for building, monitoring and updating your website. The program includes latest technological innovations to enable designers, developers and front-end developers to create kick-ass websites. The website is working its dedicated community…

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Textpattern is an efficient content management system that is open source and free program. It provides flexibility and extensibility to developers, Web designers, publishers, and bloggers. It contains a sophisticated and powerful engine to work with any website you can imagine. Designers and developers can control all aspects of CSS…

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Microweber is a CMS program that can help you if you require a Website, Online Shop or Blog. It can create websites, blogs, and shops. It allows you to get full control of your website creation using Microweber’s drag and drop builder. So you can create your website without having…

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postach.io is a Content Management System that allows you to create your blogs in an easy way. You can turn an Evernote notebook into a beautiful blog or website. If you are looking for a platform that will assist you to publish your writing more easily.

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Web Start Today

Web Start Today is an advanced Content Management Program that enables you to create a fast growing website. It contains the largest library of free web designs covering more than 75 Business Categories. It facilitates you to create a website or online store in minutes. It has an easy to…

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