24 SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router Alternatives

SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router is a reliable and user-friendly software application that can turn your computer into an Internet hotspot. it is easy to understand a piece of software that offers a simple way to convert your computer into a wireless hotspot, allowing lots of devices to connect to the Internet just like laptops, smartphones, tabs, etc. It has a fairly simple setup process which assists you to start working with the application in few moments. An easy to use and basic-looking interface of SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router makes it approachable even for inexperienced individuals having a minimal level of computer knowledge. To work with this utility, you should have a Wireless adapter, either integrated or connected through a USB. First, you have to enter the name of the network, as well as a password to prevent unwanted people from connecting to it. You have the facility to select the Internet source from the dedicated drop-down menu if lots of options are present. Furthermore, the user can set the highest number of accepted clients, so as not to put extra load on your Internet connection. It furnishes the option to the user to view a list of connecting clients to the network along with their names, their MAC address, and their IP address in the lower table.

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Thinix WiFi Hotspot

Thinix WiFi Hotspot is a reliable and easy to use software application that is useful to convert your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It facilitates you to share your Internet connection with your friends by converting your computer into a WiFi hotspot and for this connection, you should have an…

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Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a Wi-Fi creating application that allows you to create a wireless Internet hotspot and convert your computer into a virtual network. This lightweight and practical piece of software assist you to connect your phones or tablets to the Internet without having to resort to using mobile…

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WifiSpot is a lightweight software application that allows you to convert your computer into a wireless hotspot on the fly. You can easily set up a wireless access point for devices to connect right on your computer and these wireless connection does not include a router and wireless-enabled devices. In…

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Mars WiFi

Mars WiFi is a straightforward application that facilitates you to convert your computer into a wireless hotspot. Using this application, you can use the Internet on your smartphone, tablet or another gadget by connecting through computer wireless hotspot. This light piece of utility allows the user to change his computer…

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MyRouter is a virtual Wifi Router that provides you a quite powerful function and allows you to create a virtual Wifi Router from your Desktop computer. Through this virtual Wifi router, you can share your Internet connection with a large number of users. To use this lightweight application, you have…

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Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot is a commercial software application that can change your wireless-capable computer into a router and you can use the same Internet connection on lots of devices. its intuitive interface is designed to make the whole process very easy to use. The configuration process of Connectify Hotspot is very…

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WiFi HotSpot Creator

WiFi HotSpot Creator is a reliable and easy to access utility to provide you instant access to the Internet from your preferred device with the help of your computer which works as wireless network hotspot. This easy to use application is designed to convert your own system on the laptop…

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Winhotspot is a virtual Wifi hotspot application that facilitates you to create virtual Wi-Fi hotspots on your computer. So you can gain access to The Internet on a variety of devices using this virtual Wifi hotspot. Winhotspot follows very simple principle for work means you have to use a single…

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MyHotSpot is a reliable and lightweight application that provides you the opportunity to share an internet connection inside a small to medium-size business, just like hotels, bistros, cafes, gaming centers, and schools. This software gets the power of wireless devices to share access to web resources and assist you to…

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Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspot is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software which enables you to convert your computer into a Wireless hotspot and share your Internet connection with your besties. Wi-Fi Hotspot shows a small and compact appearance having lots of adjustable parameters without hidden functions. This application does not a…

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HostedNetworkStarter is a straightforward and easy to use application that assists you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your computer and shares your Internet connection with any wireless-enabled device. Mostly, smartphones and tablets have integrated hotspot creation options but this facility is not present in regular desktop computers. So if…

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FreeHotspotRouter is reliable and easy to use tool that facilitates you to convert your computer into a virtual hotspot and share your Internet connection to wireless-enabled devices. if you want to create a hotspot using your computer then connect a Wi-Fi adapter to it and then use a hotspot software…

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Free Hotspot Creator

Free Hotspot Creator is a user-friendly and lightweight program that furnishes you the ability to share your own Internet connection with other people just like your friends and family. Free Hotspot Creator has a quite straightforward and a basic interface having few elements to draw the eye or distract and…

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My WIFI Router

My WIFI Router a straightforward and effective tool which assists you to share your Internet to other devices and easily transfer video files. This comprehensive solution enables you to share your wired Internet connection to other devices just like tablets, mobile phones, or even other laptops and you can also…

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Wifi Assist

Wifi Assist is a user-friendly and smart tool which facilitates you to create a Wifi hotspot from a Local Area Connection. Wifi Assist requires a network adapter device for working and no other knowledge is necessary to generate hotspot. this piece of software application offers you all the standard configuration…

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Virtual WIFI

Virtual WIFI is a smart and easy to use a piece of a software application that can turn your computer into a virtual Wifi Router. Virtual WIFI is quite simple and intuitive in both appearance and usage, and most of its features self-explanatory. The primary window of Virtual WIFI has…

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Tiny Wifi Host

Tiny Wifi Host is a simple to use and reliable piece of a software application that provides you the possibility to convert your into a virtual hotspot Wifi, allowing other Wifi-enabled devices to gain access to The Internet through your computer just like Laptops, Smartphones, tabs, etc. It is a…

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WiFi Share

WiFi Share is a simple and user-friendly application that assist you to convert your computer into a virtual Wifi Hotspot and share your LAN connection with other devices. The primary window of WiFi Share is very simple and offers you to two buttons to start or stop the created Wifi…

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Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot is a super cool virtual Wifi router that allows you to share Internet connection from your laptop or computer with other Wifi-based devices just like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Xbox, iWatch, PSP, Kindle, Google Glass and other smartphones. Free WiFi Hotspot has the possibility to combine the…

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WiFi_Hotspot is a reliable and handy application and its primary task is to facilitate you with a simple way of generating Wi-Fi hotspots and sharing your Internet connection. Amazing thing is that you can run it directly or through command-line and it can assist you to share your LAN connection…

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MaryFi is a reliable and straightforward piece of software that enables you to use your computer to set up a wireless network to provide access to any other device having Wifi feature. This lightweight utility is designed to use your built-in Wi-Fi card of your computer to share your Internet…

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MyPublicWiFi is straightforward and easy to use a piece of software that assist you to convert your computer into a Virtual WiFi hotspot and share your LAN Internet connection to other Wi-Fi enabled devices just like Android smartphones, iPhones, iTabs, Laptops, and tablets. MyPublicWiFi is free of cost software and…

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Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router Manager is a free and simple to use virtual router having quick installation process. Virtual Router Manager’s setup is very simple and you have to provide Wifi router name along with the password to create a wireless hotspot. The application provides some complex options for the more advanced…

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Virtual Wi-Fi Router

Virtual Wi-Fi Router is one of the best virtual Wifi Router that allows you to turn any Wifi capable computer into a virtual Wifi router than can share Internet connections and create wireless networks. It provides you a simple interface and user-friendly controls that can help you convert your Wi-Fi…

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