13 Rutube.ru Alternatives

Rutube is a Russian based video streaming platform that was founded in 2006. Rutube is the platform of billions of videos and short clips. Rutube has two system for watching and sharing videos. The two systems of Rutube are For Unregistered Users and For Registered Users. The Unregistered Users options let the users explore, stream, and share the videos on Rutube. But For Registered Users system has various additional features in addition to those for Unregistered Users. These features are discovering videos in a better searching environment, uploading & sharing videos, liking videos and passing comments over videos. However, both systems of Rutube are entirely free. Only for Registered Users, users have to create an account and they can register their self by using their Facebook account as well. Rutube is one of the best video streaming and sharing platforms for exploring videos about technology, fashion, business, songs, dramas, TV shows, music, movies and much more.

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56.com is the largest video sharing portal in China. It allows the users to upload, download, view and share the videos just like other video hosting platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. 56.com was founded in October 2005 and is providing its services in social networking, online movies, and book…

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YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website of the world that is owned by the giant search engine Google. YouTube is the largest portal of videos, movies, music, dramas, cartoons, TV clips, TV shows, concerts, video blogging, educational videos, tutorials, etc. Most of the contents available here are…

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Dailymotion is a video hosting and sharing service that is providing its services in over 35 countries in 18 international languages. Dailymotion was launched on March 15, 2005. Dailymotion allows the users to explore, upload and downloads videos by searching channels, tags or groups created by the users of Dailymotion.…

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There is no dearth of video streaming and hosting platform in the world of internet. However, if talk about the high qualities videos then surely every videos streaming is not good in video quality. But the best about Vimeo is that it only displays the HD videos. The videos available…

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Metacafe is an online short video clip sharing site that is much similar to other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. It is an entertainment featured site that is integrated with various entertainment categories like TV shows, dramas, sports, news, movies, music, videos, video games, and much more…

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EngageMedia is basically a community-based video streaming and sharing platform that was launched for the purpose of enabling the human beings to share environmental videos, media, technology, and research work to others users. Being a community-based video sharing website, EngageMedia is a not for profit video streaming and sharing platform.…

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Veoh is a video streaming and distribution platform that lets the entertainment lovers to explore and watch the millions of video contents. Just like other video hosting and sharing platform, Veoh is also an independent user-generated and production platform. For those who wants to enjoy movies for free, here it…

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Vevo is a video hosting platform that was launched in December 2009. Vevo is basically the joint venture of four media groups that why it is called as a multinational media service as well. These four ventures are Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment (SME), Google and Abu Dhabi…

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Viddler is a video streaming and sharing platform that lets the users upload videos, manage them and share with others. Those who wants to explore the videos uploaded by others are also welcomed here. These users can also tag, comment and like the videos shared by others. Viddler has two…

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Youku Tudou is a Chinese based video streaming and hosting platform that is regarded as one of the largest video hosting platforms in China. Youku and Tudou are basically two Chinese video hosting services that were merged in 2012. Youku Tudou has two main features streaming and uploading, Those who…

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MeFeedia is a media service platform that features TV shows, dramas, movies, videos and many other digital media material. MeFeedia was founded in 2004. Although, it is not as much longer as compare to other video hosting and sharing platform, yet the data available at MeFeedia is still very large.…

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ZippCast is a community-based website where anyone can stream and share the videos with others. Most of the videos available at ZippCast belongs the to the category of anime, autos & vehicles, fine arts, film & animation, entertainment, education, gaming, hobbies, tutorials, how to, news & politics, science & technology,…

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AOL On is the video streaming and hosting platform by the AOL. AOL On is the platform of news, entertainment and recent events that are available in the form of short video clips. AOL On is the best source of video streaming for those users who wants to remain updated…

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