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31 Qtd Sync Alternatives

Qtd Sync is a lightweight program that enables you to synchronize your data and create a backup of them. The program provides a Window graphic user interface for sync. The application facilitates you to create and manage your backups using a few mouse clicks. It contains multiple options for synchronization. It is a small program that does not burden system resources and works very fast.

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SyncToy is a useful program that you helps you to copy or synchronize information between two directories. To start working, you have to create a new folder pair. You have to choose the left and right folder and then choose an action. In “Synchronize,” new and updated documents can be…

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FreeFileSync is a straightforward program that facilitates you to synchronize or compare two folders. The program can compare two folders, show the difference between them and synchronize their contents. It is a portable application so you can save it to USB drive and run it without installation. The primary window…

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Rsync is a simple to use open source program that provides fast incremental file transfers, with different options and commands, you call from the console. Due to the effective differencing algorithm, the program can run fast file synchronization. The program runs using the command prompt and shows the available instructions…

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GoodSync is a comprehensive program that helps you to compare the content of two directories, differences, spots. The program helps you to synchronize and backup files. The user-friendly GUI has the primary window divided into two parts, each working with the specified locations. After running the program, you have to…

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SyncBackFree is a reliable program that facilitates you to create copies of your files and folders on external hard disks, FTP servers, discs and shared drives. You can set and perform synchronization and backup tasks. After installation, you have to setup a customized profile. The available options cover a range…

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Synkron is a file and folder syncing program that enables users to keep their folders and files updated by syncing data. Its layout provides the option to select the files you want to synchronize. However, you can start the multisync task by choosing multiple folders to adjust to another directory.…

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Unison is a straightforward file-synchronization application for Mac OS X that helps you to create two replicas for the same files and save them on different hosts. You can synchronize the contents of two folders by furnishing extensive control over the synchronization direction for each file. So you can work…

Official Website
Bvckup 2

Bvckup 2 is a backup program solution that helps you to save the copies in sync with the original files. The program can handle numerous complicated process behind the scenes. The GUI helps you to use its extended functions without them overwhelming you. For the actual features, you can go…

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Grsync is a comprehensive program that uses the GTK libraries and released under the GPL license. This open source application has a graphic user interface for sync, the synchronization tool, and the command line directory. The program does not require the Gnome libraries to run. You can use the application…

Official Website
Allway Sync

Allway Sync is a bidirectional synchronization tool that can take care of your copying files. You can synchronize the files from many folders. If you have multiple PCs and need to share the same files in the personal folders, work with Allway Sync. The program utilizes a complex algorithm for…

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DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro is a small program that can synchronize and backup your data and can interact with the network, local and mounted drives. The simple look helps you to learn the way of working and provides a variety of preset and customization options. First of all, you have to set…

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Toucan is a reliable application that can synchronize, backup and encrypt files. It has an executable file so you can place it anywhere on the system and run it without installation. Well-Organized GUI allows you to create many jobs, configure settings for each module, and specify rules with inclusion or…

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Syncovery is an intuitive program that allows you to back up your folders and files and perform synchronization between different devices. The program ensures your data security with its enhanced speed, scheduling tools, and real-time sync capabilities. The ‘Wizard Mode’ guides you through all the important steps of running a…

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Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity is a comprehensive application that allows you to synchronize files and directories using many methods, view logs and allow scheduling. The clear-cut interface allows you to synchronize two of your directories using multiple methods. You can select ‘Left to right mirror’ to create a clone on the right…

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SyncFolders is an efficient program that helps you to synchronize or backup the contents of two folders, including subfolders. It enables you to keep folder synchronized. Inexperienced users can also set synchronization rules for their folders. For creating a new rule, you have to choose the source and target folders,…

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Bacula is a lightweight program that assists you to manage backups, perform entire recoveries and system data verifications across PC networks. It contains five distinct services like Storage, Console, Monitor, Director, and File for specific tasks. The Console component is present in three types of interfaces like text-based, QT-based shell…

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ChronoSync is a lightweight application that allows users to customize backup and synchronization. The program can copy data between different volumes or create bootable backups automatically. It is a Mac OS X program that is suitable for backing up whole operating systems. It has a fairly intuitive window, and you…

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PureSync Personal

PureSync Personal is a small program for personal use that enables the user to create and manage data synchronization or backup for folders and files. The program features automatic backups, different filters, and post-task actions. The professional looking interface has a well-structured layout where the user can start working in…

Official Website

JFileSync is a small program that enables you to synchronize the contents of many directory pairs. The application stores the contents of the last sync of that directory in a text file. It helps you to create, modify and delete contents of a directory. After the selection of a directory,…

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Directory Compare

Directory Compare is a folder comparison application that assists you to synchronize the content of two directories and make backups of important folders and files. The intuitive layout of Directory Compare helps you for comparing many directories simultaneously. You have the option set only one directory. However, it enables you…

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Compare Advance

Compare Advance is a program created to help individuals compare, backup, and synchronize folders. A pretty cluttered UI comprises a menu bar, a folder structure, many shortcut buttons, multiple tabs and statistics panel. It facilitates you to compare the contents of two folders, sync and backup information and copy items…

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Compare It!

Compare It! is a powerful and complex program that allows the user to compare two files visually as well as edit, merge and process them using regular expressions. The programs offer support for DOC, HPP, CPP, ZIP, TXT, XLS, RTF, EXE, DLL, BMP, JPG, ICO and BIN. The intuitive GUI…

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FBackup is a straightforward application that protects your useful information by backing it up to any USB or Firewire device, network or local location with password security. So you can back up your persona data and protect them. You can save them to your hard disk or on the local…

Official Website
Karen’s Replicator

Karen’s Replicator is a comprehensive program that facilitates users to backup files, folders or entire drives. You can use a scheduler to automatically backup folders, files, and volumes. Through intuitive GUI, you can create, edit and duplicate numerous jobs. After you write a task name, you can set up the…

Official Website
@MAX SyncUp

@MAX SyncUp is a multi-functional application that can perform synchronization or file backup and data recovery. The program allows your connection to a remote or server and ensures safe data transfer. Before starting backup or data transfer, you have to set up an email address and a connection to the…

Official Website

FileSync is a small synchronization application that allows you to compare and synchronize the contents of your folders. The program has the aim to furnish you with a simple way of comparing and syncing your directories. First of all, you have to run the program to select the folders to…

Official Website

Yintersync.NET is a straightforward program that enables you to backup files from your system and recover them. The program features server and agent components. The application requires you to have Visual C++ and .NET Framework on your system. During installation, you have to specify the destination path and choose the…

Official Website
Synchronize It!

Synchronize It! is a synchronization application that assists you to perform archives and directories synchronization. So you can see what have changed in your folders and move changes with single cursor click. Folders comparison section enables you to preview differences between two folders and synchronize your folders using different predefined…

Official Website

WinDataReflector is a powerful program that facilitates you to synchronize and backup multiple folders in the same session. The plain interface has a menu bar, multiple buttons and panels to show backup items. So backup any files or the complete directories. You can copy them from one location to another…

Official Website

Foldermatch is a nifty application that allows you to compare and synchronize folders and files, remove duplicates to free up space and create backups of your data. So you can keep safe your sensitive data against unexpected system errors. The GUI comprises two panes where you can locate the folders…

Official Website
Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup is a simple data backup application that supports many types of destinations and files to include, task scheduling, ZIP compression, FTP transfers with conditions and more. The program contains resourceful options and configuration settings for backing up sensitive files to secure locations. It encrypts them with a password…

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