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31 nanoCAD Alternatives

nanoCAD is a CAD program that provides all necessary tools you require to draft 2D technical plans and blueprints. It has a classic interface, similar to an earlier version of the famous AutoCAD program. It provides a competent solution for engineer and those studying engineering subjects. All the features are present in toolbars which you can rearrange freely to create the working environment according to your desire. It is a bit overwhelming for the first time use because it shows a very large number of tool icons. The program furnishes a large number of tools to speed up implementation and eliminate inaccuracies. Moreover, it contains the well-known and highly useful OSNAP and SNAP functions and tracking lines. You have the facility to create and edit complex elements and vector graphics. It furnishes you viewports so you can work on models both in 2D and 3D modes. Creating a 3D mesh is a useful feature implemented in the program. If you want to save your work for later use, you can export it to the widely used DWG format. The Command Line is the most useful features which facilitate you to input points, commands, lines, points and numbers. Moreover, it supports mathematical expressions for further assistance.

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Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCAD is one of the powerful CAD program used to get precision and design, in any field of activity. It provides you the facility to design anything ranging from art to complex electrical or mechanical designs. The office suite like interface furnishes all the features organized in categories. Work…

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Sketchup is a deceptively simple and powerful application for creating, viewing and modifying 3D designs. It combines the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the flexibility and speed. This application enables you to create 3D designs with ease. It supports a dynamic, creative exploration of 3D form, light, and…

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FreeCAD is a graphics editor application that contains dedicated parameters for creating 2D and 3D drawings and writing scripts. It includes many functions for helping you to create 3D CAD, CAx, MCAD, PLM and CAE projects. FreeCAD has a clean and straightforward interface with useful tools for 2D and 3D…

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DraftSight is a rich-featured CAD program that allows users to load, visualize and edit all DWG files and create new drawings from scratch. So users can create, view and manage DXF and DWG files in a streamlined, professional environment. The GUI of DraftSight has a tidier, cleaner look that appeals…

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LibreCAD is user-friendly application that allows you to create and edit different CAD files. It provides a simple method of designing creating CAD designs and taking advantage of the integrated templates. The cluttered interface of LibreCAD encloses a menu bar, a pretty large number of buttons for adding elements and…

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OpenSCAD is a complicated application for creating and compiling solid 3D CAD objects. The application enables you to work in a user-friendly environment and view the graphical representation of objects. The simplistic interface of OpenSCAD has regular window split into numerous panels. These panels are helpful for viewing log details,…

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SolidWorks is a straightforward program that enables you to create beautiful designs. The application integrates a large range of mechanical CAD, product data management, design validation, design communication, and CAD productivity tools. It is a complete program so you can progress from a simple concept to a highly accurate virtual…

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BRL-CAD is a straightforward program that allows you to perform advanced modeling operations for spatial geometry. It provides a good solution for modeling and manipulating 2D and 3D layouts. It contains advanced rendering capabilities and dedicated libraries related to geometry. It furnishes three main modules, MGED, Archer, and RtWizard, each…

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Bricscad is a complete DWG CAD alternative program that comprises an advanced set of features. it targets more industries than AutoCAD. The application offers three different flavors; the Classic edition furnishes 2D CAD design, and the Pro version comprises the features of the Classic, along with the benefits of 3D…

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Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is a reliable drawing program that assists users to create or modify 3D mechanical designs. It provides professional with the necessary tools for adjusting the mechanical design, managing a large range of data and overall improving drawing productivity. It is a complex program, so downloading and installing will…

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Onshape is an online CAD application which is useful for real-time CAD deployment, real-time analytics & controls, and real-time data management. It provides different versions for different groups such as for professional design teams, for enterprise organizations, for the public & open source, and for students & educators. The professional…

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ArchiCAD is a straightforward program that enables designers, architects, and engineers to view and create detailed 3D models. The program furnishes a comprehensive set of object manipulation tools. It has a native building information modeling platform for helping professional architects to create realistic digital representations. The program can fasten the…

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QCAD is a straightforward drawing application that furnishes you the tools required to draw two-dimensional building blueprints, complex diagrams, schematics for mechanical parts and much more. The comprehensive graphical interface includes all the tools in panels all around the actual drawing space. You can reposition, and group panels according to…

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NaroCAD is a straightforward program which assists people in creating 3D Cad models with the help of unlimited functions and tools. It contains a Boo compiler, many elements, tools and import and export capabilities. The interface of NaroCAD has a well-organized design and contains a quick access toolbar, numerous buttons,…

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KOMPAS-3D is a flexible 3D modeling application that facilitates users to generate models by using different methods. For example, Bottom-up modeling using finished components and top-down modeling by creating components to match certain designs. Create models based on layout drawings like Kinematic diagrams or use any combination of above modeling…

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TurboCAD is a comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD program which provides professional design tools for creating technical drawings and home plans. It contains an impressive set of tools to provide a versatile computer aided design. Photorealistic and artistic rendering engine make it a great choice for making professional quality drawings,…

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PTC Creo

PTC Creo is one of the best 3D CAD application. Using this program, you can combine parametric and direct modeling. Easily open non-native CAD data and combine a large range of capabilities with ease of use. It provides speed and flexibility to meet a deadline. Use it to capture starting…

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pCon.planner is a straightforward program that helps you to make three-dimensional room and interior designs in DWG compatible format. The primary purpose of the application is to create high-quality pictures that professionals can use in their presentations, and can easily create complex room layouts for their projects. It is not…

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SolveSpace is a free 2D and 3D CAD application. This constraint-based parametric modeler contains simple mechanical simulation capabilities. You can create 3D parts by working with revolves, extrudes, and Boolean operations. Plus, it allows you to create 2D mechanical parts by drawing parts as a single selection, use 3D assembly…

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MicroStation is a CAD application for 2D and 3D design and drafting developed by Bentley Systems. It can generate vector graphic objects and elements. You can use extensions to increase the functionality of MicroStation. It provides accurate materials lists for every item used in design. It checks for interferences between…

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Packly is a simple, intuitive and fast CAD application having the aim to help graphics designers brand owners, communication agencies, and companies. It is a cloud-based application so you can draw anything without downloading or installing heaving CAD applications. It is comparable to industry-standard box printing quality and provides you…

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progeCAD Smart

progeCAD Smart is a straightforward program which serves as AutoCAD compatible drafting. This application acts as both renderer and editor for 3D designs. It is well equipped and capable of dealing with AutoCAD files. The advanced editing functions contain some basic rendering features, so loading or creating models is an…

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formZ RenderZone Plus

formZ RenderZone Plus is a straightforward program that provides you set of professional tools for creating 3D objects. The program is a suitable example of 2D, 3D object creation and manipulation, high-quality rendering and animations. Works on multiple windows, each having a palette which furnishes several functions. You can select…

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Vectorworks is a comprehensive CAD application that facilitates you to create architectural designs, theatrical productions, landscapes and more. It a dedicated platform for professional designers and architects which offer a large set of tools. It relays on rendering engine of CINEMA 4D and can produce accurate designs. The application is…

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ZWCAD 2017

ZWCAD 2017 is a full-featured program that allows professionals to create 2D and 3D models and designs and export them to DWG, DWT, or DXF file formats. You have the possibility to work with numerous drawings simultaneously. The clean layout provides users the ability to create a new model from…

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DoubleCAD XT

DoubleCAD XT is an efficient CAD drawing application which offers all the necessary tools to view and edit drawings in a familiar interface. Use your CAD drawings in PCB design, constructions and many other domains. It offers advanced tools which help you to view and annotate drawings, make modifications and…

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CADEMIA is a user-friendly drawing application that helps users to build construction projects in a safe and accurate environment. You should have Java Runtime Environment for the proper functioning of CADEMIA. The visual design provides more space for your canvas and offers necessary tools in the upper toolbar. It contains…

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Graphite is a lightweight drawing utility that enables users to create extremely detailed 2D and 3D designs, blueprints or engineering drawings. The intuitive interface helps you to design your project efficiently. It provides multiple customization options. For example, you can easily move and view the Tools, Pen Styles, Dimensions, and…

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TouchCAD is a straightforward 3D modeling and texture unfolding program which assists you to create your engineering designs efficiently. This comprehensive application can create complex 3D shapes and convert them into physical building models. You can use the program for a large range of projects just like marine designs, creation…

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ABViewer is a reliable Engineering program that facilitates you to view, edit, and convert picture formats related to Computer Aided Designs. This professional utility provides solution for design and engineering document management. It works with vector and raster formats, and the list includes support for DXF, DWG, SVG, HGL, PLT,…

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Medusa4 is a CAD application that enables users to create and edit advanced CAD projects. It offers an elegant interface that has ribbon menu at the top and side panels complementing the primary working area below. The general look and color them are pleasing and get a highly technical air.…

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