8 MTPuTTY Alternatives

MTPuTTY is a multi-tabbed Putty for your personal SSH client that facilitates you to manage numerous PuTTY windows in a faster way. The program is specially created for users that use PuTTY on a regular basis. The application includes all the PuTTY process you may access within the same tabbed graphical user interface. You can get all the features from your required SSH client. For example, all the supported protocols ranging from SSH ty Telnet, Raw, or Rlogin as well as its sessions. In addition, the program can add automation, smart code to the features gallery with typing of scripts and passwords automatically in different tabs simultaneously, detachable PuTTY windows and independent PuTTY tabs for the termination of problematic tasks that do not lead to a general program crash. Overall, MTPuTTY is an advanced program, helpful for network administrators or any other type of users who works with SSH and Telnet client.

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PAC is the best Linux program for SFTP, Telnet, SSH, VNC, RDesktop, Remote-TTY or FTP. It is an open source and freely distributed graphical program built with Perl and GTK+ and created from the group up as a drop-in replacement for famous PuTTY or SecureCRT programs. The primary features of…

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ConsoleZ is a straightforward program that enables you to change the look and feel of command prompt completely. It offers you with full control over visuals with the help of visual customization options addressed to overall text and appearance. ConsoleZ is a portable program so you can use it without…

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PuTTYTabManager is an efficient program that allows the user to manage many concurrent connection sessions in PuTTY. You can start an unlimited number of PuTTY session within a tab-based interface. The famous SSH and Telnet client can run more than one session, in different windows. The program enables you to…

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Royal TS

Royal TS is an interesting program that enables the user to organize and manage many desktop connections, quickly and securely. It helps users to connect to any machine which has enabled terminal services. This remote management program has the aim to help server admins, developers or system engineers. The modern…

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Putty Manager

Putty Manager is an advanced program for Putty users, allowing them to control their remote connections from a single tab-based GUI. The program offers quick access to the target host, relying on protocols such as SSH, Telnet, or Rlogin to establishing a connection. The program enables you to work with…

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WinSSHTerm is a small and lightweight program that assists you to access remote systems via SSH. It helps you to be more productive. The program includes keyboard shortcuts and intelligent navigation tools, enabling you to switch between or initiate new SSH sessions, even you are managing may systems. It provides…

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QuTTY is a straightforward Telnet and SSH client that includes a tab-based interface. You can launch in more than one instance to start multiple connections. It helps you to manage many sessions within a single, comprehensive interface. It comes with all the advantages that PuTTY has to offer. The application…

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Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is one of the popular all-in-one management application for IT teams used by thousands of companies worldwide. It is quite hard to manage all your remote connections and hundreds of different passwords. Now Remote Desktop Manager allows you to centralize all your remote connections, passwords, and credentials…

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