14 Motoracing Alternatives

Motoracing is the way to enter the fast-paced world of motocross racing in this realistic 3D bike challenge. 1st you have to select a name for your racer and then choose a bike from a large selection of hi-end racing bikes. Every bike has different specifications just like varying speeds, acceleration and handling power. Select a radical color scheme to finish styling your bike. You have to choose a gameplay from three different gameplay options just like quick race, career, or a new career. You have to make a race against seven other racers in a Quick Race. This race will start from an easy track of Lakes Valley; your task is to win the game plus earn as many performance style points as you can. You will get a bonus by performing jumps or knocking down the other motocross racers. Other racers can also kick you off your bike. Motoracing is a quite free game for downloading, having features hi-tech and realistic 3D graphics. Booing fans and chirping birds will provide the game’s outstanding realism.

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MXGP2 is The Official Motocross video game developed and published by Milestone. It was released on 7th April 2016. MXGP2 is the next version of Milestone’s Motocross game MXGP. MXGP2 looks pretty realistic, and it is very easy to play. MXGP2 features official and licensed bikes, tracks and rosters with…

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Extreme MotorBikers

Extreme MotorBikers is a different racing game, in which you have to contend with an original, treacherous race track. You can easily fall to your death from dangerous roads, which soar into the sky. Tracks are full of obstacles and problems, and you have to avoid these barrels. Extreme MotorBikers…

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MotoGP 14

MotoGP 14 is a motorcycle racing game presented by the Moto Grand Prix World Championship. Circuits and riders from Moto3, Mot2, and MotoGP categories are part of this game as well as some different game modes. In Career mode of this game, you have to create your rider from scratch…

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Moto Race Challenge 08

Moto Race Challenge 08 is a high-quality free racing game. It does not provide you the official championship bikes or pilots, but you have the facility to play it for free. Graphics of this game are better than user expectations having a good response to controls. You have to control…

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Superbike Racers

Superbike Racers is a motorbike racing game designed for desktop computers. Superbike Racers provides you different modes and options to make it interesting. It lets you select a bike from four different bikes, and there are two tracks for your ride. Three game modes are part of it just like…

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MotoGP 08

MotoGP 08 is the official game of the championship that puts you on a bike, racing around the world through the o8 season. MotoGP 08 represent all the names, designs, colors, and logos of teams, riders, tracks, and bikes of the Championship. A complete tutorial is part of it to…

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Quad Motorbike Challenge

Quad Motorbike Challenge is bike racing game that allows you to accept various challenges, and you can win crazy races through these challenges. You have to control a four-wheeled monster to overcome any track of difficulty. You can find the game a variety of game modes, various kinds of ATVs…

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Super Bikes

Super Bikes is an exciting racing game having beautiful graphics. Super Bikes is a 3D game and have beautiful background sounds. It lets you choose any bike from different stunning bikes and drive these bikes for the race. You have to play with full attention and full concentration to complete…

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X-Moto is a 2D platform game, and your task is to move your bike through various dirt tracks, flowers, and collecting barriers along the way. This game has Physics based rules, and your goal will be to overcome all the difficulties, rough terrain, and steep slopes and make your way…

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City Moto Racer

City Moto Racer is an entirely different to other motorbike racing games. Your goal is to move your bike through rush hour traffic with tremendous speed. Now you can download the full version of City Moto Racer free of cost and start playing this fantastic game now. At the start,…

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Desert Moto Racing

Desert Moto Racing is a 3D graphics Moto racing game. Desert Moto Racing takes you to desert, and you have to ride your bike on paths of the desert. You can play this game in two different modes including Racing Contest and Ghost Race. In Racing Content game mode, it…

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MountainBike Challenge

MountainBike Challenge is easy to play, but difficult to master downhill mountain bike game. It is a purely free game and have the support of game ads. You have first to practice different courses, and then enter qualifications, after that compete online to get the faster time. You will get…

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Urban Trial Freestyle

Urban Trial Freestyle is a type of Moto racing game. It allows you to control your bike with four different buttons. Up button is used to move forward, down is for break and reverse, and left and right to lean in your desired direction. 47 various levels are part of…

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Ride PC Game 2015

Ride PC Game 2015 is motorbike racing game developed and published by Milestone. You can get 100 plus bikes in this game designed by the leading manufacturers. A wide range of circuits is parts of it like cities, countries, and some historical tracks. You can play the game in several…

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