16 LookInMyPC Alternatives

LookInMyPC is an efficient program that can create system profiles having information on all installed software and hardware. The program provides complete computer profiling and diagnostic reports. The application comprises two primary tabs with all the options required to create and compare reports. Regarding report options, you can see your profile and even use a different one. The application creates reports using a large array of parameters. You can get information about antiviruses, BIOS, running or installed programs, mounted drives and the version of Windows installed. The program shows the items in different colors for better analysis. The report includes all the system software and hardware parameters or the chosen ones. By triggering the “Generate Report” button, you can visualize the last report, use a larger font to show data, and create a baseline to compare it with future reports. The program also displays local and public IP addresses. The complete report shows all the available system info, from installed hardware, applied updates to Windows, ISP, installed applications and services and the running processes. It displays registry values from the local computer and current user, along with event logs and open network connections.

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Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is an advanced application that creates a detailed profile of your installed application and hardware and loads it in a web page. The program provides you with a complete configuration of your system’s hardware and software by running an automatic scan. The program creates a comprehensive report to…

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CPU-Z is a feather-light application that allows you to view detailed hardware information on your computer including overclock and cache detection. The program has the option to create reports. The application also has a portable version with identical features, named Portable CPU-Z. The program has adopted a blunt look with…

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Speccy is an advanced system information application that can get data regarding your system’s hardware configuration and installed applications. This powerful program can display detailed stats on your hardware with minimum user input. After launch, the program scans the system automatically and shows the information in a well-organized interface. The…

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GPU-Z is a small size program that collects details on the system’s graphics and sensors while enabling you to supervise used memory, temperature, and other data. The application allows you to find graphics card’s capabilities, monitor live sensors readings, and log sensor activity to file. It has support for creating…

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AIDA64 is a streamlined Windows benchmarking, diagnostics, and hardware monitoring application that offers support for reports and email notifications. The program allows the user to test the capabilities of the CPU, memory, and FPU by running complex benchmarks. The user-friendly interface of AIDA64 has a well-organized layout where all PC…

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Spiceworks Desktop

Spiceworks Desktop is a reliable application that facilitates you to manage your hardware and software components as well as patches on your network. This user-friendly program works through a web browser, allowing you to manage your IT-related assignments and tasks, like running networking inventories, creating reports, creating a help desk…

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SIW is a comprehensive application that can show information about your system’s software and hardware configuration. The program supports notifications, reports, and customization options. It inspects your system configuration and shows it in a comprehensive manner. The intuitive interface provides a long list of categories and features present in Windows…

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PC Wizard

PC Wizard is an efficient system information application created for hardware and software displays, featuring reports and multiple types of benchmarks for advanced users. The program installs all components, and you may exclude the benchmarks and web update tool. At the startup, the program creates an icon in the system…

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Hardinfo is a straightforward application that enables you to view system information and put everything to the test. From the “System Overview” tab, you can get general info. However, you can go into a deep investigation. You can view services and processors. “Benchmark” tab helps you to test everything. You…

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SiSoftware Sandra

SiSoftware Sandra is an efficient system analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic program that facilitates you to test the performance of your system and get hardware info. The installation process requires some configuration. You can activate server to enable authenticated users to log in to the system remotely as well as allow…

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Sysinfo is an easy to handle program that allows the user to view information about his system and permanently delete chosen items. The GUI contains a few button and many labeled boxes. All types of users can find their way around with ease. The application facilitates the user to view…

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PerformanceTest is an advanced PC testing and benchmarking program that can assess the capabilities of your graphic card, processor, and hard disk. The simple GUI allows you to see info about the system, memory, CPU, disk and video adapters. Only you have to process the “Run Benchmark” button, and the…

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Hardware Lister

Hardware Lister is a small Linux application that offers details about the hardware configuration of a Linux system. It is an open source command line program and graphical software created to provides info about the hardware components of the system. The application can collect the exact information about memory configuration,…

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Ashampoo HDD Control

Ashampoo HDD Control is a comprehensive application that facilitates you to monitor, maintain and defragment your hard drives to improve the system’s performance. The program enables you to remove the clutter from the hard drive and boost its overall performance. The highly intuitive GUI can help experienced users. The primary…

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SYS Informer

SYS Informer is a reliable program that allows you to get detailed data regarding your computer’s software and hardware, uninstall programs, and manage, running processes, startup applications, and services. The straightforward GUI comprises all its options in the primary window like a navigation panel, multiple buttons, and a pane to…

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HWM BlackBox

HWM BlackBox is an efficient program that enables you to view detailed hardware information. It is a portable application so you can run it without installation and place it on an external device to use for multiple systems. Work with HWM BlackBox to check out information about the memory, processor,…

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