15 Kakasoft Folder Protector Alternatives

Just by its name, Kakasoft Folder Protector is a folder protection software that lets the users set a strong password over the entire folder or folders. The security system and password management system of Kakasoft Folder Protector are entirely brand new that make it easy for the users to set the strong password to encrypt their data. Once the data put into the secure zone of the Kakasoft Folder Protector, it is impossible for any struggle of data leakage as it will make it sure that there should be no data breach by any means. In addition to protecting data from the third person, Kakasoft Folder Protector also makes it sure that no kind of threat or virus is trying to enter the data. Kakasoft Folder Protector is regarded as one of the best application for locking directory of the sensitive folder on PC drives or other removable media storages. The best about Kakasoft Folder Protector is that it provides the users a user-friendly and reliable protection environment simultaneously.

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Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker is a file locker application for Windows operating systems. Easy File Locker is for those users who wants to protect their secret and important data. The full-proof security system of Easy File Locker lets the users protect their data in a new way. The data that will…

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Windows BitLocker

Windows BitLocker is the built-in security system in Windows operating systems. It is actually the component of the MS Windows. Formerly it was known as Secure Startup that was later on changed by the name of BitLocker. Windows BitLocker allows the users a fully featured dual disk encryption system that…

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Privacy Optimizer

Privacy Optimizer is a privacy and data security software that lets the users keep their all type of data and information secure in a digital locker. Privacy Optimizer lets the users keep all type of their data either it is personal or of a business nature. No one can hack…

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Axcrypt is an open source data encryption program for Windows operating systems. Axcrypt lets the users to easily and securely encrypt their personal information, data and files of all type. The secure and feature rich system of Axcrypt make it sure for the users that their data is not being…

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VeraCrypt is a free to use disk & drive encryption software for on-the-fly encryption (OTFE). The best about VeraCrypt is that is able in generating a virtual encrypted disk either within a file or a drive and then lets the users keep their data in that created place safe and…

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DiskCryptor is a powerful encryption system for Windows operating systems that enables the users either to encrypt the full hard drive or either a partition or file. DiskCryptor is able in encrypting the both disk and partition that is installed on your operating system. DiskCryptor is fully compatible with TrueCrypt.…

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EncFS is a transparent encryption software that is based on the cryptographic filesystem of FUSE. EncFS enables the users to easily and securely encrypt their important data of any format by using an arbitrary directory as a medium of storage for this encrypted data. The mounting system of EncFS is…

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My Lockbox

My Lockbox is a high secured file security and management system. It is actually the name of a digital locker where the users can keep their data to ensure its privacy and protection. There are two system of protection in My Lockbox mainly totally locking the data and hiding the…

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Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider is a free file and folder application for protecting the secret data from the prying eyes. Wise Folder Hider allows the users to hide their private files, documents, photos, videos and other types of personal and business data into a secure platform for free. Most of the…

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Folder Lock

Folder Lock is an all-in-one disk protection, files & folders protection, and data protection software for Windows operating systems. Folder Lock is a data encrypting program for encrypting files & folders, backup the files in a cloud storage system, protecting removable media storage (including USB, CD & emails), shred files,…

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Folder Guard

Folder Guard is a password protection and user access control software for enhancing the protection of any type of file and folder. By using the Folder Guard users can take two advantage either to entirely protect the data and keep it under the command of one person or grant access…

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Advanced File Security Basic

Advanced File Security Basic is a security and protection application that is available in portable and installation modes. Advanced File Security Basic lets the users encrypt their important data without actually installing the software. Just download the Advanced File Security Basic and start using it instantly. It is a program…

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Protect a Folder

Protect a Folder is a powerful solution to protect files and folders within few clicks. Protect a Folder is regarded as one of the best and most advanced encryption program that is developed by the Estelar Software. Protecting important data from being hacked is very important for both individual and…

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Folder Password Protect

Folder Password Protect is a professional data protection program that enables the users to protect the every part of their data by setting a strong password over it. Folder Password Protect is available for all version of Windows operating systems. The trial version of Folder Password Protect is available for…

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Jetico BestCrypt

Jetico BestCrypt is a data encryption container that lets the users protect their stored files and folders from unwanted eyes. It is very easy to lock up the private data by using the Jetico BestCrypt. Jetico BestCrypt is a multiplatform data encryption platform that is available for Windows, Mac OS…

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