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30 Geeqie Image Viewer Alternatives

Geeqie Image Viewer is an open source and small image viewer program specially designed Unix-like operating systems. This lightweight image viewer is for BSDs, Linux, and compatibles. The program supports XMP, IPTC, Exif metadata browsing and editing. The program offers color management and fast preview for many raw image formats. You can work with advanced tools for comparing photos and sorting and managing image collections. For working with Geeqie Image Viewer, the GTK2 working environment should be present on your system.

Official Website

ACDSee is a well-rounded piece of program that helps you in viewing, editing, managing and sharing your images. This complex, multi-purpose program allows you to share images on the social websites. The well-organized interface assists you to navigate and edit images. It includes multiple panels that let you view a…

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XnView is a comprehensive program that allows you to view photos regardless of their format, as well as transform photos and manage them. The highly-customizable interface provides all the functions at hand using tabs support. You can access as many photos as you need and move from tab to tab…

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XnView MP

XnView MP is an easy-to-use file manager that facilitates you to handle more than five hundred file formats. It lets you edit photos, preview videos and read text documents. It is an advanced version of XnView with a reliable multimedia viewer, converter, and manager. It furnishes user-friendly GUI that makes…

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FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a straightforward application that facilitates you to manage, edit, resize, and convert photos and create and run slideshows. You can apply filters to enhance their quality and take snapshots of your desktop. The Windows Explorer-based interface facilitates you to navigate it with ease. The portable version…

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a complex program for editing and managing raw photos. The program includes an array of options such as correcting chromatic aberrations, creating virtual copies and changing metadata. This graphic editor can manage and process digital photos. It offers a range of digital instruments to adjust RAW…

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Shotwell is a smart Image organizer and viewer for the controversial GNOME desktop environment. Work with it to view, edit and organize a local collection of photos. The program facilitates Linux users to edit, import, sort and organize their photo collections in a fast and secure way. With this program,…

Official Website

Darktable is an open source program that offers a virtual light table and darkroom for allowing users to manage their digital negatives in a single and handy database. The primary features of Darktable include an astonishing GUI for the modern computer user, ability to organize photos by numerous filters and…

Official Website

JPEGView is a small program that lets you open, view and edit images and show information about them. It offers support for a range of formats like PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, WEBP, DNG, TGA, RW2, CR2, CRW, and DCR. It is a portable program so you can work with…

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gThumb is an easy to figure image viewer program for the GNOME desktop environment. This open source project offers a complex image viewer, browser, organizer, and editor tools. The application enables users to quickly browse a large image collection, showing thumbnails for all photo files present in their system. It…

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Fotor is a multi-purpose graphics processing program that can change the aspect of your photos and create collages with different effects. It offers necessary tools for efficient image enhancements and for creating rich collages. The application fits within the definition of the suite, as it includes two different modules, with…

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Gwenview is a fast image viewer and browser for KDE. The program offers support for all common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, XCF, GIF, XPM, and BMP. Standard features of Gwenview are a full-screen view, slide show, image thumbnails, full network transparency using the KIO framework, image zoom, drag…

Official Website

Imagine is an image and animation viewer that allows you to view photos and animations in different formats like BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG. The GUI of Imagine includes simplistic elements. You can view file properties and EXIF info, move, copy, delete, and rename photos. In addition, you can resize,…

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Eye of GNOME

Eye of GNOME is the default image viewer program used in the open source GNOME desktop environment. It enables users to view files under Linux-based operating systems. It can make use of EXIF info stored in digital camera photos and show in on an optional sidebar that you can you…

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Hornil StylePix

Hornil StylePix is a graphical editing application that allows you to enhance your images by adding text messages and shapes, as well as applying effects. The intuitive interface includes dozens of tools for enhancements. It allows you to make selections with two types of lassos as well as with a…

Official Website

Xee is an advanced photo viewer and browser that assists you to easily preview and browse all images stored in a folder or archive. The customizable interface of Xee enables you to focus on the currently loaded photos and avoid distractions. You can access the Image information panel to view…

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Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a complete photo editing solution for managing and working with multimedia files. It offers some basic editing commands for your assistance. It is a full-scale cataloging and media management application that looks good for less experienced users. The multiple viewing modes assist you to identify the hidden…

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Corel AfterShot Pro

Corel AfterShot Pro is a professional program created to correct and enhance images using a range of photo adjustments and advanced non-destructive tools. The well-organized interface has a clear structure. The left side tab enables browsing one’s graphic files, whereas the right panel shows image details. You can preview images…

Official Website
Fragment image viewer

Fragment image viewer is a straightforward program designed to access, edit and publish online numerous image formats. It has a modern looking HUD interface with multiple options. You can open multiple picture formats, perform small edits and publish data online. View the photos contained in a folder as thumbnails, open…

Official Website
Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer is an application that facilitates you to view and edit image files. The program can analyze and enhance your images using this program that contains support for a range of image formats. The plain interface needs some improvements regarding its appearance. You can open images via the file…

Official Website

Daminion is a professional application that allows the user to manage his digital image collections, videos and PDF files. The program features advanced tagging capabilities for assisting you to change the image, audio, video, and document metadata. The interface allows you to manage all the primary functions from the primary…

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CyberLink PhotoDirector

CyberLink PhotoDirector is an efficient program that provides professional-grade manipulation capabilities and a user-friendly working environment. It has a clever arrangement of menus and buttons to provide a clean look. Everything you need is present in a tab at the bottom of the primary window. It offers a breathtaking amount…

Official Website

PhotoImpact is a straightforward program that lets you enhance and manage images and generate bandwidth-efficient web graphics and animations. Work with it to create and share images, collages, calendars, and image projects. The well-organized GUI encloses a menu bar, many buttons, and some panes for managing layers, viewing history, adding…

Official Website
Maverick Photo Viewer

Maverick Photo Viewer is a comprehensive application that allows you to view and organize photos on your systems. So you can boost your productivity by using different handy features. It has a user-friendly interface that shelters intuitive controls, enabling you to rely on its functions with minimum efforts. It has…

Official Website

Phototheca is a complex application that can organize and store images into albums, create events and password protect folders for sensitive content. You can assign keywords to your images and use the program’s search tools to identify them quickly. In addition, it allows you to create events within your library…

Official Website
Capture One

Capture One is a professional and feature-rich image editing program dedicated to photographers, allowing them to get astonishing high-quality photos. It includes professional tools for photo editing. Upon application startup, you will get a screen where you can view an intro video, as well as online tutorials, or choose your…

Official Website
Capture NX-D

Capture NX-D is an effective and complex program designed to assist you edit the RAW photo files that you took using your Nikon camera. The primary windows of the program show the dedicated storage drives in a tree view panel, allowing you search through the directories and load the images…

Official Website

GPicSync is an intuitive program created to add locations to your photo files automatically that you can use with specialized applications like Picasa and Google Earth. It has a standard window with an uncomplicated layout, displaying the app’s interface. After pointing out the image folder and GPS file, you can…

Official Website
CodedColor PhotoStudio

CodedColor PhotoStudio is a fully-featured program that assists the user to open, view and edit photo files in a collection of formats, and export them under different file extensions. The program supports different file types like BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF and JPG. The Explorer-based layout enables users to locate and…

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Digital Photo Professional

Digital Photo Professional is a comprehensive application that enables you to handle RAW images captured by Canon EOS cameras. You can view, edit, and organize raw photos and process shadow or highlight details and clean up compositions. You can browse your whole drive and edit any of your photos. Plus,…

Official Website

FreeVimager is a reliable program that helps the user to view and edit photos by cropping, rotating, or resizing them. The plain interface allows the user to import photos by using the file browser or the drag & drop method. You can navigate back and forth within the images, zoom…

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