13 Gamerate Alternatives

Gamerate is a social based database of electronic, computer ad board games. On the website, users can track, organize, and share their gaming experience, finished games and library of bought. They can also share their reviews and ratings. Every action has a connection with a date. The program allows you to find ranking and reviews about that you want. You can also filter games by generation such as Action, Adventure, Management, Simulator, and more. It contains games with multiple platforms just like PC, XBOX, PS3/PS2, WII, Kinect, Mobile and Web Games. It also contains a list of last Top games with a rating higher than 8.0. The program also includes Game Collection, Game History, List of Ratings, and List of Reviews. It allows you to create an account, play the game, make history, give a review to the game and follow your friend if you want.

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GameRankings is an online program that contains more than 240,000 video game reviews from both online and offline sources. It also includes over 230,000 news articles. The program makes the ranking of the games according to their reviews by users. The program contains the ranking of multiple platforms such as…

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Metacritic is an online program that provides a ranking for many platforms such as Games, Movies, Music, and TV shows. It gives scores to each article and then compares articles with the same platform to make rankings. For example in Movies tab, it contains multiple categories such as Best of…

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MobyGames is the oldest, largest and most accurate video game database for games of any platform. The program contains info about every old and new game. The program allows you to create a profile on the website and becomes a part of it. The program also provides tweets about different…

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GameFAQs is an online archive of video and PC game information, hints, codes, walkthroughs, message boards, and FAQs. Everyone can contribute freely to GameFAQs because it is available to all users freely. If you are stuck on a game and want to get more info about it, you can get…

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Gametionary is a multi-platform video game searching and recommendation website. The main goal of the website is to connect users to games they would really want to play. This handmade system contains effective measures to provide users with results that they want. The advanced interface of Gametionary contains four primary…

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OpenCritic is a review aggregator for video games. This interesting website collect reviews from across the internet and paste them on a single game page. In this way, everyone can find reviews about his favorite game on the website. You can also create an account the website to make a…

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Internet Game Database — IGDB

IGDB.com is a next generation website about video games. This website is helpful for both game consumers and video game professionals. The website provides information about each game such as generation, platforms, gameplay, reviews, rating, game following, storyline, and much more. It also provides snapshots and videos of the game…

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iPhone Quality Index

iPhone Quality Index is an online gaming application that provides iPhone games reviews. It is one of the most popular gaming database websites that provide information about iPhone, iPad and Android games. The website also provides the news related to mobile games so that you can remain up to date…

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Pleb Game Reviews

Pleb Game Reviews is the video game review website where on the consensus of regular gamers can decide the rankings and ratings of games. The website updates the database on a regular basis with the latest games. Anyone can contribute to the community-driven rankings and ratings derived from detailed reviews…

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Open Amiga Game Database

Open Amiga Game Database is an open game configuration database with liberal usage terms where anyone can submit fixes or content. You can create an account on the website to post a review to any game. It also provides info about every game such as publisher, language, year of creation,…

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Lemon Amiga

Lemon Amiga is a hobby project created by Kim Lemon. Lemon Amiga is a sister site to the Commodore 64 site Lemon64. The website provides a forum for discussion and a library stuffed with games. Each day, thousands of nostalgics, fans, and sceners gather here to enjoy fun and interactive…

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Macgamestore is the first store specially created for Mac games. The website contains a thousand Mac games to select from. Just download your favorite game and play instantly. The website allows you to create an account on the website and add your favorite list to your profiles. You can also…

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Hall Of Light

Hall Of Light is the gaming website that contains a database of games. Mostly it includes commercial games. Freeware, shareware, and General Public Domain games are not a part of it. The website also includes a range of unreleased Amiga games. The status of these games changes, for example, some…

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