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23 FreeRapid Downloader Alternatives

FreeRapid Downloader was initially launched to download the videos and files of Rapidshare only. With the passage of time, it has extended its downloading services to almost all file and video sharing services. Now it is a multifunctional downloader that can download all type of files and digital media. The downloading system of FreeRapid Downloader is of a new type. The users are required to copy the URL of the desired file and then paste into the FreeRapid Downloader and after that, it will handle the remaining process. This feature removes the compatibility issues with web browsers as there will be no need of installing plugin of FreeRapid Downloader to make it compatible with specific browsers. The user will download any file by just pasting it into the downloading field of FreeRapid Downloader. The features of FreeRapid Downloader are multi-downloading, proxy system for downloading from blocked websites, monitoring system, multiplatform, download list & history, support for all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.

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Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a download accelerator for all type of files. Internet Download Manager lets the users to easily download, audio, music, videos, PDF, exe, rar and many type of files and data from the internet. It is integrated with the system of download logic accelerator, multiple downloading simultaneously,…

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Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is a brand new way of downloading digital media files from the internet. The way of downloading of Free Download Manager is entirely different. It actually breaks the file into sections and then downloads the each section step by step. By this, it actually maintains the high…

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Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator is basically a downloader that has the claim of resolving the issues of downloading errors, broken downloading and slow downloading by the other downloader. That’s why its name Internet Download Accelerator means a downloader that also works as an accelerator by increasing the downloading speed. It actually…

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Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is a Java-based downloader that is integrated with various features to make the downloading process easy and simple for the users. The first quality that is in favor of Xtreme Download Manager is grabbing the downloading link from all type of videos streaming, video sharing and file…

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SD Download Manager

SD Download Manager is an open source downloader and accelerator for Windows operating systems. Crafted with advanced downloading and security ensuring technologies, SDDM is a downloader that lets the users to fully control all of their downloading files. The systems for creating queues, scheduling downloading, monitoring clipboard, checking for progress,…

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Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager is a downloader that is integrated with all those enriched features that let the users enjoy downloading at a faster speed even up to 1,000%. Developed with the state of the art technologies and integrated with dynamic file segmentation system, one of the best downloader is in…

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Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader is a special downloader for Mac OS X. It supports the mirror search and multi-thread downloading and lets the users to fully control their downloading. The best about Progressive Downloader is that it supports downloading from all file sharing and streaming platforms. The main features of Progressive Downloader…

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Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a brand new internet downloader that is integrated with the enriched features of faster downloading speed and controlling downloading. Three main advantages that the users will secure by using the Download Accelerator Plus are easy video download, video converter system and info of the file before…

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DownloadStudio is a high-performance downloader for downloading programs, videos, movies, music, files, games, flash videos, TV shows, photos, documents, web pages and much more. DownloadStudio is such a great application that will let you save everything that is over the internet. Above from all features and functions, downloading data at…

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uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager is a multiplatform download manager for Windows, Mac, Linux-based and mobile operating systems. It is an open source downloader that is compatible with almost all operating systems. Integrated with large assets of features, uGet Download Manager is widely regarded as one of the best and powerful downloaders.…

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Known as a full featured downloader, iGetter is a download manager for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. iGetter is widely regarded as one of the best downloader and downloading speed accelerator that gives the users full command over downloading. This downloader is capable in resuming broken links in…

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DownThemAll is a powerful and easy to use Mozilla Firefox add-on that provides more advanced download capabilities to your web browser. DownThemAll makes it easy for you to download absolutely everything on a page and detects anything downloadable on a page downloads it. It allows you to choose from a…

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aria2 is an original download manager, and its primary task is to provide you with a means of downloading the files from a Command Prompt window. Downloading files is a very common activity nowadays and people use various tools for this purpose. aria2 is made for those individuals who are…

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EagleGet is a downloading application that works standalone, and you can integrate it with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. EagleGet supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP and delivers you with a speedier way of getting files, especially huge ones. Plus, simple-to-use tools are part of it…

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FlashGet is one of the fantastic download managers to enhance the speed at which you download files and quickly manage them. FlashGet is supportable to some of the most modern web browser as well as offers a large variety of tools to make your life a bit easier when downloading…

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FlareGet is a reliable download Manager that allows you to download files from your browser in a quick away. FlareGet has integration with all the browser to replace their default download manager just like Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. FlareGet uses a robust in-place dynamic file…

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Download Ninja

Download Ninja is an Internet Download Manager & Accelerator that allows you to resume and restart stopped/broken downloads. It increases your downloading speed by splitting each file into chunks and downloading each chunk using a different connection to the server. Download Ninja is 100% free software and facilitates you to…

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Getright is one of the stunning applications on the market that allows you to download files from multiple sources to increase efficiency. It delivers high download speed and lots of features that make it a challenger amongst the more famous Internet Download Manger, FlashGet or Free Download Manager. Getright can…

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Tucan Manager

Tucan Manager is a lightweight file sharing application to store data online. At the first run of the program, you have to define working parameters such as a maximum number of simultaneous downloads, download speed and the website used. To run the whole process, move to the browser and copy…

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MultiGet is a downloading application which is used for faster downloading with its multi-thread manager. MultiGet is an excellent example of effective download manager that can help you deal with large-sized downloads. MultiGet creates multiple connections to the server and performs a multi-threaded download, which increases the performance of user…

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wxDownload Fast

wxDownload Fast is a simple to use and open source downloading tool that provides you a simple and reliable means of downloading single or multiple files of all possible sizes. It uses multi-thread downloading to divide the data into different parts and downloads them at the same time. wxDownload Fast…

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WackGet is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software that offers you the means of grabbing your favorite files from the Internet by supporting to various download threads at the same time. It has smooth and uneventful installation process, so you can quickly launch and start working with it right…

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MDownloader is a small application that can work without installation. This software enables you to download any file from the most popular file hosting servers. MDownloader has a straightforward and easy to use interface. The upper side of the window has Menu Bar and a panel with buttons to represent…

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