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18 Free FTP Client Alternatives

Free FTP Client is a reliable program created to download and upload files from your FTP server with a few swift moves. The primary window shows the source and target panels, and you can access the upload and download functions by right-clicking the target files. In the upper part of the main window, you can insert access credentials and the host’s address to ‘Connect’ to it. To start working, you have to connect to your FTP server, setting up the address, along with the account’s username and password. You can also provide the port number and save the details to load and reuse them the next time. The source and target panel facilitates you to navigate to the folders you need to work with. When you have reached the local directory, right click your file and select the ‘Upload’ option to send files to the FTP server. In addition, you can perform multiple tasks like creating new folders, trashing or renaming items, changing their ‘Owner,’ ‘Public’ and ‘Group’ permissions.

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NetDrive is an effective salutation that facilitates you to connect remote storage like FTP server as a local hard disk. The program helps users to access FTP server straight from Windows Explorer. The application contains reduced number of configuration options and features. It allows you to upload files to an…

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CloudMounter is a lightweight program that allows you to access different cloud storage servers from your Finder. The application gets all your online storage resources under the same place and mounts the connections as additional drives connected to your Mac. The program facilitates you to manage the connections through the…

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ExpanDrive is an efficient program that helps users to connect to their cloud account on Amazon, Dropbox, or OneDrive and manage the files and data stored in the remote. The application creates a fast path between your PC and the cloud account to navigate from one to the other easily.…

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WebDrive is a reliable application that enables you to access from your system to a remote or cloud drive. The program access cloud drives by mapping a drive letter to FrontPage, FPT or WebDAV servers. The application creates a shortcut to your cloud account hosted by Amazon S3, Google Drive,…

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DirectNet Drive

DirectNet Drive is a user-friendly program that facilitates the user to access his remote file present on WebDAV and FTP/SFTP server. So you can use your remote servers’ storages as a local drive. You can acces all files present on cloud storage using Windows Explorer. It allows you to drag…

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SFTP Net Drive

SFTP Net Drive is a useful application that creates the connection between a computer and a locally deployed SFTP server, facilitating you to create many custom profiles. For working SFTP Net Drive, you have to use password or key based validation to get access to the remote server according to…

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FtpUse is a command-line program that facilitates you to map your FTP server folders as a drive on your system. The straightforward parameters of the program enable you to utilize an FTP server of your selection as a local hard disk. The program shows the mapped drive in Windows Explorer…

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SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is a multi-platform application that wants to help you to backup folders and files to the cloud and restore them when you system crash. It has a wizard-like approach to carrying out the backup process. The application activates the backup task at the end of the wizard…

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TntDrive is a commercial application that helps you to mount Amazon S3 Bucket accounts as local drives, examine logs, allow data encryption and set the storage limit. The simple structure of TntDrive has space to add a new mapped drive to the list. You can map as many drives as…

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win-sshfs is an efficient application that assists you to mount remote file systems through SFTP protocol. Moreover, it provides support for a password or private key authentication tools. It off3ers a well-organized set of features and integrated all functions into a single layout. You can open the primary panel with…

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CloudBerry Drive

CloudBerry Drive is a Windows application that can load different storage accounts as virtual drives in your computer and offer drive mapping with data encryption. You can manage multiple cloud storage accounts from the system tray area and perform file operations. It creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area…

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Cloud Explorer

Cloud Explorer is a straightforward program that allows you to synchronize your Amazon S3 account and manage stored files in the cloud repository. The application provides you with many functions such as media player, object search, image viewer and text editor, along with the facility to sync your files to…

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S3 Browser

S3 Browser is a lightweight program that helps you to share and publish files on your Amazon account you can manage your Amazon accounts on the website with ease. In the upper side the primary window, you can see a Menu bar containing all the actions that you can perform.…

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BackupChain DriveMaker

BackupChain DriveMaker is an efficient program that enables you to map an FTP server to a standard drive letter. The application supports name transcription and metadata caching. Remember that you should have .NET Framework installed on your system to work properly with BackupChain DriveMaker. The GUI contains neatly organized functions.…

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NetDrives is a comprehensive program that facilitates you to share whole drives with computers on your network by specifying connections and login information. Remember that you should have .NET Framework installed to work properly with NetDrives. The simple layout enables you to switch through different areas like tools and share.…

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FileZilla is a fast SFTP and FTP client that contains multiple connections support. It has a dual-pane interface for easier navigation and secure transfers using advanced protocols. The program supports different protocols like FTP, SFTP, and FTPS and can handle the IPv6 technology. It provides outstanding transfer speeds and can…

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SmartFTP is a comprehensive program that facilitates you to transfer files to an Internet server using the File Transfer Protocol. The program is useful for web developers who require to download and upload images, documents, movies or whole websites. It uses secure file transfer protocols like SSH, FTPS, or SFTP.…

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18 is an ad-supported email and webmail service that was launched by the GMX is 1997. The main feature of is the availability by to its users to access the GMX Mail either through webmail or POP3 and IMAP4 protocols or both. The functions of are not…

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