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20 Fedora LiveUSB Creator Alternatives

Fedora LiveUSB Creator is a user-friendly program solution for installing a specific Fedora release on your portable USB disks. It is an open source program for helping Windows users when their PCs breaks downs. The quickest way to create your own custom Live USB running a certain flavor of Fedora is to utilize a Live CD, created by you or one of your friends previously. You have to browse to the location of your ISO file, load within the program, adjust the persistent storage’s level, press the dedicated button and wait for your Live USB processing. By adjusting the persistent storage value, you can assign more space on your USB drive to save files and perform changes to the OS, stored after the restart. If you don’t have a Live CD or need to use a specific version of Fedora, you can download it from the Internet. The program supports many releases, just line different editions of Fedora 16, 17, 18, or Sugar on a Stick. It verifies its checksum before installing any version of OS.

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Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is a user-friendly application that helps you to run live Linux distribution from a portable USB drive. The entire process of copying a Linux distribution on a USB drive has been designed as a wizard, so you have to follow only three steps to perform the task.…

Official Website

Rufus is a small-size application that allows you to format USB drives and create bootable drives rapidly. You can create bootable USBs from ISOs with an operating system you select. The application offers standard and advanced options, to suit the preferences of all skill levels. The interface resembles the Format…

Official Website

UNetbootin is a handy application that facilitates you to install different Linux/BSD distributions and create your own bootable USB drive using minimum effort. The program supports installing forty of the known distributions, each with multiple versions. The application enables you to select to download the required OS or supply your…

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YUMI is a straightforward program that helps you to create multi-boot and multi-system USB disks from Linux distributions and antivirus tools. So create bootable USB disks that comprise many operating systems, antivirus system, and other tools. It is a portable program, so you save it to a USB drive and…

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Etcher is a lightweight program that allows users to burn images of their operating system to an SDcards and portable USB drives in straightforward steps. It has a single window where you can specify the image you need to burn and the drive. The program only supports a handful of…

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LinuxLive USB Creator

LinuxLive USB Creator is a comprehensive program that facilitates you to create bootable Live Linux USB systems from a range of Linux distributions present on the market. For example, you can use Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Damn Small Linux or OpenSUSE as the source for your bootable USB drive.…

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WinToFlash is an OS application that allows users to create bootable USB drives to install the Windows OS on any system. In this way, you can deploy a new copy of the OS to any system. The file source can be either an ISO file, a DVD or a local…

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LiveUSB Install

LiveUSB Install is an intuitive program that can help you to create a live USB stick with your favorite Linux distribution. The program can simplify your work by furnishing you with different features and a user-friendly environment. All the necessary features are organized in the primary screen so you can…

Official Website

MultiBootUSB is a reliable program having the aim to install numerous live Linux distributions on a removable drive. The program can automate the installation of Linux distros while reading a Flash drive for boot operations. It provides the best way to install the Linux OS without needing complex setup. It…

Official Website

SARDU is a useful Multiboot ISO and USB creation application that contains different rescue CSs, recovery utilities, Linux distributions and antivirus support. So you can create an emergency rescue CD or USB drive. You can use these drives to check and to repair your PC in case of failure. The…

Official Website

WinSetupFromUSB is a USB booting program that facilitates you to install Linux or Windows operating systems using a Flash media or formatted USB drive. First of all, you have to specify the USB disk you need to use, then use the dedicated button to format it. The application will erase…

Official Website

Work with XBoot to create a bootable ISO containing many Linux distributions and rescue features and write it to a USB storage device optionally. So you can create your own bootable USB disk or ISO image. The program supports over forty system utilities, antivirus rescue disks, and Linux distributions. The…

Official Website

USBWriter is an efficient program that allows you to store your OS installation files in a safer environment and write virtual disk images on USB drives. It is a small portable program so work with it without installation. You require having a virtual image drive of content you need to…

Official Website

ISO to USB is easy to use Windows program created to help you to write ISO images to USB disks by using minimum configuration options. You don’t need to spend too much time setting up complex features because it is a basic tool for helping beginners. All options are present…

Official Website

ZOTAC WinUSB Maker is a straightforward that can assist you to create a personalized USB flash drive for installing Windows. You can create a bootable device from any large storage medium connected to your computer just like external hard disks or mobile phones and tablets. The simple GUI enables you…

Official Website

FlashBoot is a powerful program that has the aim to create bootable USB disks, USB Flash Memory keys or install the mini operating system on bootable USB devices. The well-organized GUI contains few steps to follow. The primary menu assists you to select from a total of five different actions. …

Official Website

WINToBootic is a small program that allows you to generate Windows bootable USB drives from ISO images. So create bootable drives from WinPE, 7, Vista ISO images. Remember that you should have .NET Framework installed on your system to work properly with WINToBootic. It is a portable application so you…

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Absolute USB Installer

Absolute USB Installer is the useful program that enables you to create a bootable USB key that comprises the desired version of Linux distribution. The application can help you to copy the Linux distribution from ISO to USB key. It is a portable application so you can work with it…

Official Website

PeToUSB is a straightforward program for formatting and making bootable USB drives. The application can convert your USB drive into such a pre-installation environment device. Its primary purpose is to transfer WinPE/BartPE files to your USB or Fixed drive to make it bootable and recognizable by the primary of motherboards.…

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BootLine is an efficient program that allows you to generate bootable flash drives with Windows 7 to 10, Ubuntu or Rescue Disk in few steps. So you can create bootable images of different operating systems on USBs. You have the option to download the portable version of the program or…

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