19 DirectAdmin Alternatives

DirectAdmin is a powerful and easy to use Web Hosting control panel that provides a better way to manage your services. The application provides the fastest running control panel for your online applications. It avoids downtime by recovering from crashes automatically. It also furnishes flexible licensing operations to suit every hosting company. The program features high quality, allowing you to get answers you need. The program features a multilingual interface so you can manage your languages easily. Language packs are available to download free of cost, and you can install a new language pack for your interface. It provides most sophisticated solutions for hosting. It analyzes global trends and clients feature request continuously. Make sure that your computer is properly configured before installing DirectAdmin. A custom layout is helpful to make your hosting company stand out. It provides three permission classes such as User, Reseller, and Admin. You can create resellers or extra admins. You can also generate predefined account packages using Reseller Packages. For generating an account, simply select a package instead of setting each account feature manually. “Show All Users” feature enables you to view every single account on the system quickly and sort the list in different ways. Work with DNS Administration tool to create, modify or trash any DNS records on the server. IP Manager can help you to sets the IP address available to the server.

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OpenPanel is a complete modular open source control panel for ISPs. The OpenPanel team has been active in programming and systems administration within ISP environment since the early 90’s. The aim of the project is to incorporate full control panel functionality. The open architecture enables the open source community as…

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Webmin is a powerful and open source web-based interface for UNIX/Linux system administrators. The program helps the user to set up user accounts, Internet services, Domain Name System, File Sharing and much more, directly from a web browser that has support for tables and forms. With Webmin, you don’t need…

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Ajenti is an Open-Source web-based admin panel designed from the ground up, and it offers support for configuring and administering different server programs. More than 50,000 people are using Ajenti around the world to manage their servers. The primary features of the program are an impressive collection of plugins for…

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cPanel is an efficient hosting platform for Linux distribution. It is providing first class support and rich feature set. If you are a boutique web shop, a freelance techie, or just a corporation, you can use cPanel & WHM, along with their virtual dedicated or private servers. Its ecosystem spans…

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Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel is a simple and clever hosting control. It is a free program, but if you require some extra features, you can check commercial plugins SFTP and File Manager modules. The primary goal of Vesta Control Panel is to improve the ergonomics of the control panel by reducing…

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ServerPilot.io is a reliable cloud-based program that provides the best way to run PHP and WordPress sites. It has an easiest, fastest and more secure control panel so that you can focus on your business. It provides cloud servers for professional hosting. The program facilitates you to manage and monitor…

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ISPConfig is an open source hosting control panel for Linux. The program is licensed under BSD license. It can manage your services through your browser directly. It has over 40,000 downloads per month. ISPConfig is a secure, stable and fast program for services hosting. The program includes huge documentation and…

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Sentora is an open-source program that allows you to use it free of cast. Easy to use installation scripts enable you to get your hosting environment up and running in a short time. It is a free hosting control panel developed for Linux, BSD, and UNIX-based servers or systems. The…

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Froxlor is an advanced custom service and server management application, the first one to install when you need to go into the Web hosting business. The program works on all POSIX-like systems, and it is an ideal tool if you are a Web hosting provider. The application uses individual access…

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ZPanel is a comprehensive web hosting control application that can scan the network for IP address changes. It facilitates you to switch to dynamic DNS services with your local BINS DNS installation. The program includes just a few settings that are easy to figure out. After a fast setup operation,…

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Webuzo is a virtual program that enables you to deploy hundreds of PHP programs like Wikis, Blogs, ERPs, Forums, as well as Project Management. So you can get Apps on your server, virtual machine or in the cloud. The application provides an array of categories so that everyone can get…

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i-MSCP is an advanced Internet Multi Server Control Panel that allows the user to manage shared hosting environments on Linux servers. The program has an easy to use the Web interface for end users. It can manage servers without any manual intervention on the filesystem. The program has the aim…

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Plesk is a useful tool that can help you to build, secure and run applications and websites in the cloud. It offers ready to code environment in an advanced interface, allowing you to do what you want. The intuitive Control panel offers support for thirty-two languages. It can help web…

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Easy Hosting Control Panel

Easy Hosting Control Panel is a web hosting management program that facilitates you to control all your cloud-based services. It is a program in a server to help the process of hosting emails, domains, FTP users, adding domains and so on. It is a customizable application that is fully open…

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VHFFS is a massive virtual hosting application for free programs. You can use it for massive hosting on many shared servers or for personal hosting on a single system. Multiple users can also use it simultaneously. It offers a user-friendly interface to configure web-based services. A moderation system facilitates you…

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AlternC is a nice web and mail server management program that allows you to control your web services easily. It is a small program that only contains few interesting features. You can use it to host multiple services. This program has the aim to provide self-hosting by small structures and…

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Core-Admin is the straightforward program that enables you to take control over your servers instantly. It has a complex and centralized design, a powerful permission system, many ready to use programs, security options, real-time filesystem watching, real-time log watching, and integrated update system. The program offers support 2048 bits TLS…

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InterWorx is the most scalable and reliable solution present for managing a server, website or hosting business. The control panel of InterWorx is a web hosting and Linux server management system that offers tools for server admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the tasks of…

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Baifox is a simple and useful GPL control panel that allows you to manage services of a hosting service. It is a good alternative to Plesk, Cpanel, or Ensim proprietary programs. It is a lightweight program that does not disturb server with heavy loads and CPU consume. You can work…

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