23 ChordPulse Alternatives

ChordPulse is a straightforward program that facilitates you to learn music notes, create tracks, and practice to improve your music playing techniques. The good looking interface of ChordPulse contains all the necessary buttons and functions in the primary window, allowing you to accommodate quickly. Volume sliders are present in the bottom of the primary window; each instrument contains its own adjustable slider. Moreover, adjust the tempo either by selecting an exact value from a table or using another slider. The center area shows the primary workspace where you can create songs by adding musical notes. Press a big “Plus” button to get a table with all present notes and tonality. Hit the “Play” button to hear the placed notes and for using different styles. The program comprises a large area of music taste and the library with more than 50 styles. If you complete the workspace with notes, you can add more pages. It will save your work as a MIDI file, allowing you to export chord to TXT. It provides a variety of options for more experienced users.

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Band-in-a-Box is a straightforward program that provides a solution for Band-in-a-box music update. It is an OS X program having integration with music accompaniment capabilities. You have the facility to check out different song ideas without using complex tools. The program comprises tracks for different instruments having various music styles…

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Impro-Visor is a simple to use program that facilitates you to create and analyze music, transport tracks, use the mixer at hand and export your results to an XML or MID format. It is one of the best solutions for musicians and music literate people in recording from MIDI sources,…

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Sibelius is a music composing application that helps you to write, play, print and publish music notations. It has the aim to assist composers, publishers, and arrangers. When you initiate the application for the first time, you can watch some videos to get familiarized with the Sibelius platform, view some…

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Frescobaldi is an efficient application that assists the user to edit music sheets. The application can work with LilyPond files and provides support for auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and a built-in MIDI player. It has a large window with a clear-cut structure. It supports multiple tabs so that you can work…

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EasyABC is a straightforward program that facilitates you to import MIDI and ABC files and analyze them using options to write down and get real-time feedback. So you can view and edit ABC files and use export options for MIDI and others. The simplistic interface of EasyABC has the primary…

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Denemo is a music creation program that helps users to create their own musical sheets and play scores to check the music consistency of the project. The program contains a playback option which allows users to check at each step of note creation. Different common functions are part of it…

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Canorus is a music score editor that helps musicians to edit notes real time or during playback. The application supports polyphonic sounds, chord markings, staves, and lyrics. The application enables you to import and export file formats like XML and MIDI. You can make changes to the looks of the…

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ScoreCloud is a comprehensive music application that allows you to edit music score and upload your compositions to the Cloud. So you can transform specific sound files to music sheets and can edit and tweak them further. You have the possibility to create the music sheet of any MIDI sound.…

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ABCJ is a simple to use and lightweight program that has the facility to explore your ABC files easily. It is a pure-Java editor, player, and librarian for music records stored using Chris Walshaw’s ABC notation. At the start, this application was designed for the personal use for managing a…

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Power Tab Editor

Power Tab Editor is a comprehensive application that enables you to create tablatures for your bass or guitar. It provides a user-friendly interface containing multiple toolbars which allow you to have easy access to all the features. It has the same process for creating music score for your bass or…

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Harmony Assistant

Harmony Assistant is a comprehensive program for composing, playing and printing music. The simple interface has clean layout providing an entire range of annotations for filling in the musical staff. You can select all types of notes, rests, and accidents. Different marking tools, symbols, signatures, and clefs are part of…

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Aria Maestosa

Aria Maestosa is a clear-cut application that allows you to create new MID files and import and edit them. So you can add notes, record audio input and play songs, using a minimal amount of effort. The interface of Aria Maestosa has a well-organized design and contains a menu bar,…

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Melody Assistant

Melody Assistant is a useful music program that assists you to write, print, and render music by using a full-featured score editor. The application is compatible with unlimited file formats. The straightforward interface of Melody Assistant provides some basic things about music and about writing it. It is a customizable…

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Mixtikl is an advanced music creator program that provides support for 12 track cell-sequencer and mixer, FX effects, recording capabilities as well as generative rules. This audio loop mixer assists you to manipulate up to 12 tracks, each having four content cells. You have the possibility to mute or solo…

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musagi is a very simple and lightweight music application that can help you for creating your music record. It is a large and advanced music editor for music creation. This application is very useful for learning composing. The program has an HTML documentation for further assistance, and you can also…

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OneManBand is an efficient music utility which works as an Arranger with real time chord recognition, sequence, and editor, for beginners or experienced users. So you have the ability to create virtual styles and keyboard arrangements. After installation, launch the application and initiate browsing through its different menus. Moreover, connect…

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NoteWorthy Composer

NoteWorthy Composer is a simple software music composition and notation processor. It has the aim to assist you to create, edit, record, print, and play back your musical scores. It has a clean interface which is easy to figure out due to an intuitive layout. Use the program to create…

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Guitar and Bass

Guitar and Bass provides a complete solution for fretted instruments just like Bass, Guitar, Banjo and more. The professional-looking interface allows you to start working by choosing your preferred instrument and tuning. In addition, add tablatures and see instructions on using the fretboard. You have the possibility to choose chords,…

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ABCexplorer is an efficient program that allows you to create, edit, convert, play and manage different music files in ABC text format, and modify them using virtual guitars, pianos, and other instruments. It is a nice program for making musical files and editing them with the help of multiple tools…

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MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker is a professional and fun-to-use music creating program for the enthusiast and casual users. The professional-looking interface is part of it which contains all the necessary features. You can switch the view mode from easy to advanced and can select from multiple music styles, just like alternative…

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TablEdit is a comprehensive program for generating and listening to sheet or tablature music for guitar, mandolin, bass and other instruments. As a tablature editor, it creates and prints tabs and musical notation staves. It can play tabs through a MIDI device or the internal PC speaker. It can open…

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Songpress is a complicated program that can load chord files or generate new ones from scratch with different tools for an enhanced process. Songpress is a powerful solution for writing music and lyrics, saving it under different states. It is a simple text editor where different dedicated options enable you…

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Easy Music Composer Free

Easy Music Composer Free is a comprehensive program that enables the user to generate music sheets, save them to the HDD and print them. The application comprises a long list of notes and customizable parameters. It has the aim to compose small music pieces initiating with a blank sheet. The…

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