14 Calligra Flow Alternatives

Calligra Flow is an integrated suite of programs that cover creative, office and management requirements. The application is similar to the LibreOffice and offers users with multiple attractive components for their office tasks. The components of Calligra Flow are the famous Krita painting tool and the simple spreadsheets, presentation and words apps. In the alphabetical orders, the primary components are Flow, Braindump, Karbon, Krita, Kexi, Plan, Stage, Words, and Sheets. Braindump is a mind map feature that allows you to dump and organize ideas, drawings, text, and images. Karbon is a vector drawing tool, Flow is a flowcharting and diagramming program, and Kexi is a visual database builder. Krita is a professional grade digital sketching and painting program, and Sheets is a feature-rich calculation and spreadsheet tool. In addition, Words is the word processing tool, Stage is a presentation tool, and Plan is project management program. The best part of the suite is that you can install its all components separately. And the worst part is that it needs multiple libraries and core packages of the KDE desktop environment. Preliminary support or the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating system have been added in the latest version of Calligra Flow.

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SmartDraw is a reliable drawing application that helps you to create some basic business charts, presentations, and diagram for all types of projects. It allows you to create floor plans, graphs and charts, flowcharts, networks diagrams, timelines, PowerPoint storyboards, mind maps, and a matrix. In addition, you can create 3D,…

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Dia is an open source application creating for general purpose diagramming. This application enables you to make technical diagrams for your special projects. The interface helps you to use shapes for drawing a flowchart, assorted diagram, or UML chart. In addition, you can make a chronogram, database, circuit, jigsaw, electric,…

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Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a free and open source drawing application for Windows computers. The application includes a sketch design feature that can help you to make shapes and hand-drawn sketches from scratch. You can use a stencil generator to preserve any basic sketch markups you might need to use again…

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yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor is a multi-platform drawing app which provides you a quick way to create and edit drawings with a detailed database. An automatic layout feature of yEd Graph Editor can arrange elements by itself for large data sets. This cross-platform Java-enabled application encases a rich palette of elements…

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LibreOffice — Draw

LibreOffice — Draw is a multi-platform complex productivity application that allows you to create spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations. The program contains multiple components for helping users to process their text documents, drawings, presentations, spreadsheets, formulas, and databases. It supports the default formats of Microsoft Office, so you can open…

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Lucidchart is a lightweight drawing application that provides an easy way to make flowcharts, UML, mockups, mind maps. It is an HTML-5 based visual collaboration program for drawing diagrams. It is a cloud-based program and designed for the utmost compatibility with other applications like G Suite. Lucidchart is the only…

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Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a drawing application that can simplify complexity using a diverse set of professional diagramming tools. So you can create compelling visual presentations of your data by editing complex diagrams and using a collection of tools. The standard edition of Microsoft Visio is useful for creating simple diagrams,…

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OmniGraffle is a useful program that facilitates you to draw beautiful diagrams, flow charts, family trees, layouts, and org charts. You can design beautiful graphics by using a range of options for objects, templates, stencils, and inspectors. Application’s features have their own roles for designing beautiful diagrams and graphics. Stencils…

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PlantUML is a simple drawing program that contains a plethora of design features. It helps users to create UML diagrams through a description language and save the created files to SVG or NG file format. It is a portable application so you can work with it without installation. It is…

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Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a complete multi-platform program that offers users with a range of rich templates and examples. This user-friendly graphical program works as a vectorial drawing utility. Due to multiple drawing templates, beginners and experienced users can easily handle it. It comprises a template library for different categories just…

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Axure RP

Axure RP is an advanced program that helps you to create complex website mockups and prototypes and generate HTML files. So you can make website templates from scratch without any programming experience. The intuitive design provides most of the space for working where you can easily drag elements from your…

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Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer is a freeware application that facilitates you to build diagrams, slideshows, illustrations, and flow charts. This vector graphic editor contains a range of features. In the plain interface, you can design an item by importing drawings from the right side of the window through the drag & drop…

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ARIS Express

ARIS Express is a rich-feature application created for the creation and design of models. It is a business process management (BPM) program that features a streamlined interface. Business models are the main focus of ARIS Express, but it is also useful for the education system or personal matters. The application…

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Diagrammix is a well-structured program that offers a range of drawing tools for creating diagrams and illustrate ideas. For starting a new Diagrammix project, you can choose the diagram style. The application contains over ten different themes that you can view in the Style Chooser primary window. Shapes design will…

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