13 BeatSense Alternatives

BeatSense is for enjoying music in a music share environment. BeatSense allows the music lovers listen to any music the want just typing the track name in the bar of I feel like listening to and go for that track instantly. Moreover, this music platform also lets the users create their own group as well under the system of creating a new BeatRoom. The users are allowed to create their own independent favorite list as well. BeatSense is a brand new way of enjoying the music with friends, colleagues and coworkers and other listeners around the globe. BeatSense is a great database of over millions of songs that are available for free for everyone. Anyone can create a free account at BeatSense by just providing an email address and then the party will be started. For those who wants to access the BeatSense without creating any account can also join the BeatSense by simply logging-in via the Facebook account.

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8tracks is a radio on the internet where people can share music and search for music online. It keeps short playlist with at least 8 tracks that is why it is named as 8tracks. It provides you either listen to a mix or to create a mix. You can look…

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Last.fm is an internet radio. It is a community of music where you can share your music and look for your favorite music. It recommends an “Audioscrobbler” system where you have to create your profile on the basis of your music interests. Plugins are added in your media player and…

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Spotify is a music community commercial site where the music lovers can listen to their favorite music either new or old. It keeps the restricted content management digital rights from record labels including Sony, Warner Music Group, EMI, and Universal. It supports Android devices, iOS, and PCs. Music lovers may…

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Pandora is basically an internet radio website that is regarded as one of the best music streaming and automated music recommendation platform that is backed by the Music Genome Project. However, the service of Pandora is restricted to the U.S, New Zealand, and Australia. Pandora is an all in one…

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Jamendo is a social and open community for music lovers where they can stream and download millions of tracks. Jamendo paints itself ‘the world’s largest digital service for free music’. Jamendo is a platform that is for both music listener and singers. The artist can share their tracks with other…

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Deezer is an online song streaming platform where the users can listen to the content of EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and various other record labels. Deezer allows its users listen to its music in almost on all devices in online and offline mode. At present, there…

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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is an all in one music streaming and internet-based radio stations website for streaming millions of on-demand programs. Moreover, it has over 100,000 radio stations. At present, TuneIn Radio has over 50 million monthly active users around the globe. In addition to music streaming from a website, TuneIn…

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Libre.fm is a community based online music streaming platform where every track is almost free. Libre.fm is for those who wants to maintain their listening habits with a brand new independent music streaming experience. Libre.fm lets the users share their favorite tracks as well, in addition, listening to the sharing…

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the music streaming service being offered by the Google. Google Play Music is the music platform of over 35 million on-demand songs and ad-free radio stations that let the users listen to any track they want to listen. Moreover, the listener can create their own playlists…

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SoundCloud is a basically an audio streaming and distribution platform that lets the music lovers to upload, record, share and promote the original sounds. At present, there are over 175 million active monthly music lovers of SoundCloud while content is being uploaded in every minute. SoundCloud is a giant music…

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MixCloud is a web-based music streaming website that is developed by the world’s renowned DJs and artists. MixCloud deals in two type of music activities namely listening and distribution. Come and join an independent community of DJs and best radio presenters of the world that are reshaping the music world…

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Apple Music

Apple Music is an on-demand music service initiated by the Apple Inc. Apple Music enables the music lovers to easily and instantly stream any music they want. In addition to simply streaming the music, there is also a radio station named Beats 1 integrated into the Apple Music. The sharing…

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Rhapsody is a web-based music service. Rhapsody is basically an independent music store from where the music lovers can stream the unlimited music anytime, anywhere. Millions of songs are the part of the catalog of the Rhapsody. No ad system, just unlimited music. Rhapsody app is also available for iOS,…

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