13 Battery Doctor Alternatives

Battery Doctor is a mobile app that can extend the standby time of your smartphone. More than 100 million Android and 50 million iOS users have trusted Battery Doctor due to its accurate power remaining forecasting, intelligent power saving, and professional charging capabilities. The program includes a range of features and battery tips that will extend your battery timing. It provides real-time power consumption ranking and protects your mobile battery effectively. It provides accurate power level and present time estimation. It offers perfect support for iOS7 and IPhone5s/5c 4.0 inches display. This free program provides new fresh aesthetic charging clock. The program enables you to know how much power your apps are consuming and forecasts how long your battery could last with many features turned on or off. Moreover, it can keep your battery healthy by alerting you when you should start and stop charging. The program can shut down background apps, stop unused functions and dim the screen.

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Greenify is an Android program featured as Lifehacker’s Top 2 app in 2013 Best Android Apps. Working with this app, your smartphone can run smoothly. The application facilitates you to find and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not working with them. Stop them from lagging your…

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DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a free battery saving application that makes your battery last longer. It offers one-touch controls, smart pre-set battery power management modes and healthy battery charger stage feature to solve your battery issues and extend its battery life. You can select or customize a mode that fits…

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JuiceDefender is a powerful power manager app created to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone. It manages the most battery draining components automatically and transparently like 3G/4G connectivity and Wifi. The clean interface assists you to improve battery life in a fully automated manner. The program integrates with…

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Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector is an advanced mobile application that enables you to detect battery draining apps in your smartphone by checking wakelock history. Wakelock is a technique of power management service in Android OS that keeps CPU awake and keeps the screen on. The program displays wakelock usage statistics for all…

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Power Battery

Power Battery is one of the most professional battery saving apps that tries to increase the battery life for Android smartphones or tablets. This advanced app supply functions of customizing power saver mode, battery power monitor, running-app optimizer, as well as manager & clean. It manages your battery life in…

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Amplify Battery Extender –Root

Amplify Battery Extender is an Android program that puts you in control of how your smartphone uses your battery and how long it can stay awake. It enables you to work with the recommended settings for easy battery savings and customize, service, alarm, and wakelock on your device. Amplify Battery…

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YouClean Memory Booster

YouClean Memory Booster is a straightforward smartphone application that enables you to solve memory problems, prevent battery drain and speed up your device. The program contains many useful features. Memory Booster assists you to close useless apps and services and free the RAM so that you can work with useful…

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Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is simple battery saving app that can save power, extend battery life and provides you best experience of using a smartphone. This power manager app has the aim to extend battery life and optimize using habit. It saves battery by dealing with phone’s network connectivity, screen brightness,…

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2x Battery

2x Battery is a smart program for smartphones. This program can save battery life by using a smart algorithm to reduce battery consumption and internet usage and turn on/off the Internet connection, but keep the useful background data synchronized. The program shows battery level and usage in the Status bar…

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Ultimate Battery Saver Free

Ultimate Battery Saver Free is a useful program that can keep your Android phone working well. It facilitates you to solve usual and minor problems, speed up your battery charging, and extend your devices battery life. Fast Battery Saver mode can find and solve battery issues instantly with the “Optimize?…

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Snapdragon BatteryGuru

Snapdragon BatteryGuru is an advanced battery life saver application that can extend battery life and improve overall user experience by making changes intelligently that optimize device functionality phones. It provides longer battery life with fewer charges. You can learn how you can optimize your device without disabling smartphone functionality. The…

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Comodo Battery Saver

Comodo Battery Saver is a smart battery saving apps that enable you to increase battery lifetime up to 50%. It makes your phone battery last a whole lot longer. It’s intelligent optimization feature apply energy saving tweaks automatically as your battery moves towards exhaustion. The program allows you to switch…

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Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer is a comprehensive program that can optimize your Laptop Battery Life. You can extend your laptop battery life and optimize and monitor battery performance. It will scan your laptop and determine how to achieve more life from your laptop battery. Then it will furnish recommended actions to perform,…

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