4 Bartender Alternatives

Bartender is a minimalistic Mac OS X program that allows you to manage and organize your status menu applications. Status bar menu programs are useful because you can access their capabilities at all times. This small program helps you to use a single menu to contain them all. In the Bartender Preferences window, you can select to hide specific icons altogether or send them to the Bartender menu. In this way, you get more space on your status bar and decide to keep only the most frequently used programs. Moreover, you can select to hide the Bartender menu and enable it via a hotkey. To start working, you have to access the Bartender Preference window and navigate to the Menu items panel. In the panel, you can view a list of all the menu items active currently. In addition, you can view the system items via the settings panel; you must specify what to do with the menu bar item. Moreover, if the Bartender program detects a modification in any of the contained items, it will show a notification. The program provides you the option to decide how long it should display the message. It allows you to limit the number of items displayed in your status bar. At the same time, you can organize the hidden items in any easy to access menu that you can keep on the status bar as a single icon or activate it with a user defined hotkey.

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AccessMenuBarApps is a very small and easy to use program that can reduce the status bar menu of any program. This extremely useful program facilitates you to reduce the status bar menu of your currently chosen program quickly. This program is very efficient if you have many status bar programs…

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Barsoom is an advanced program that facilitates you to rearrange your menu bar items by using simple drag & drop actions, preserve your setup between restarts, and hide icons. Work with the program to move different items in your status bar including the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons, other objects like…

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MenuBar ReArranger

MenuBar ReArranger is an easy to use and lightweight program that offers the necessary tool you want to rearrange your third party menu bar items. It has the aim to help users who want to take control of their Mac’s menu bar and rearrange the order of the icons loaded…

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FinderPop for Mac

FinderPop for Mac is a simple Preferences Pane that facilitates you to improve and extend the list of items quickly included in the Finder’s contextual menu. FinderPop for Mac contains a built-in installation system: only you have to furnish the administrator password and select to install it for all users…

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