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25 Banshee Alternatives

Banshee is a reliable and easy to use application that allows you to import, organize, play, and share music. It has a simple and powerful interface providing all the key functions on the main window. It allows the user to burn songs on CD and sync your music player with iPod. Banshee has a very simple installation process with very few steps to follow. Moreover, the user can create a playlist and add all the songs of his choice to the list for the later use. It supports to various audio file formats just like MP3, OGG, WMA, as well as it also works as a tag editor. The application has a good response time, and it works on low CPU and memory. Banshee is also called Partial Digital Audio Player.

Official Website
Winamp 5 Full

Winamp is one of the leading multimedia players which offers you the easiest way to play any multimedia file. You have to configure many of the program’s features during installation like file associations, and you can also select components according to your desire to deploy on your computer. The user-friendly…

Official Website
VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a reliable and practical media player that can play nearly all available media file formats or one’s favorite radio station. VLC Media Player features a clean and easy to use interface with no shiny button or elements for enhancement, but you have the possibility to use…

Official Website

foobar2000 is a powerful and straightforward application which facilitates you to enjoy all of your favorite songs in high-quality, manage playlists and more. foobar2000 has a lightweight and easy to use interface and deploying is done almost instantly, after which you are allowed to get acquainted with present function. An…

Official Website

Clementine is an efficient and cross-platform software tool which allows you to listen to music from your HDD, audio CDs library or the Internet as well as manage it, edit tags, and view lyrics. Clementine has a smooth installation process, and interface boasts a modern and minimal design. It has…

Official Website

iTunes is a handy music player that provide access you to manage contents just like music, movies, TV shows and apps on your devices. iTunes allows you to do anything you want with your tools just like backups, content management, synchronization and install applications from the Apple Store. The user…

Official Website

AIMP is a lightweight and reliable application that provides high-quality playback of your favorite songs and radio stations with the help of many customizable elements. It features a pretty interface and useful functions that might convince you to keep it around. If you have already used the computer for playing…

Official Website
Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a powerful media player that can play any format media file. It has an easy to use and user-friendly interface that lets you quickly accommodate and just enjoy selected items, and you can easily add them by dragging them over the primary window, as well using…

Official Website

MusicBee is a useful and handy application that can organize and play your audio files. MusicBee has a user-friendly interface, which allows you to import tracks and artwork from iTunes or the Windows Media library, as well as search for them in specific folders. So, you have the option to…

Official Website

Amarok is a music player that load songs of different formats, organize playlists and play all famous tunes. Amarok features a stylish and intuitive design interface that delivers a good impression at first look and provides you the possibility to customize the visual aspect with themes according to your style.…

Official Website

Audacious is an open-source and interesting audio player that allows you to listen to audio files, create playlists, and edit metadata. It is portable application so you can move it to USB flash drives or other devices and run on the target system without using any installation process. You have…

Official Website

MediaMonkey is a lightweight and powerful media manager special designed for serious collectors. This nifty application is designed to keep track of your albums and play, tag, burn and organized music. You can use tagging for your music to quickly locate any song. It has a user-friendly and pretty well-organized…

Official Website
Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is one of the well-known media players developed by Microsoft. It provides users with one of the most effective ways of playing and managing multimedia files. The interface of Windows Media Player is specially tailored to assist you to organize your media easily. The application libraries are…

Official Website
Quod Libet

Quod Libet is a cross-platform audio player that enables you to listen to songs, create and save playlists to the hard drive, and edit metadata. You can install the application in few seconds without any long process. It provides a clear-cut interface which is helpful for both novice and power…

Official Website

Tomahawk is a modern and handy audio player that enables you to listen to your favorite tunes through direct streaming. This application has the capability to handle both online and offline content. Due to the clever interface of the software, the user can easily access any category and find function…

Official Website

doubleTwist is a reliable and lightweight application that organize your music, images, and video files. So you can you play music and share it with your friends over the Internet or media devices. The application is quite simple to use due to its intuitive design. You can access three main…

Official Website
GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is an all-purpose and handy media player having its codec system that supports for the majority of audio and video formats. The installation process ends in a matter of seconds unveiling a simple and intuitive interface, and you can change the default skin from the ‘Preferences’ menu.…

Official Website

XMPlay is a music player that provides all the necessary tools necessary to offer you an adequate audio playback and a large variety of settings in improving the listening experience. It is a light audio player having the power to fight against any other similar application on the market, as…

Official Website

SPlayer is a powerful media application that supports multiple formats like AVI, WMV, OGG, MKV, MP3, 3GP, and VOB. It features attractive interface which allows you to import music and movies by using the file browser or the “drag and drop” method. Furthermore, you have the option to add files…

Official Website

1by1 is a handy multimedia player having the capability to play an audio file, create playlists and edit ID3 tags. It has a lightweight and easy to use interface having small, intuitive buttons in the upper toolbar. You can get the benefit of an enhancer to increase the quality of…

Official Website

aTunes is a simple and fun piece of software that allows you to listen to your favorite songs and manage your music collection. So you have the possibility to load all your MP3 files and play them endlessly, as well use some basic audio player features just like ‘Repeat’ or…

Official Website
Zune Software

Zune Software is a media management application having a marketplace and social features that enables you to enjoy clear audio and video experience. It supports a Metro Interface which facilitates audio and video playback and playlist creation. Plus, it allows you to burn media discs, gain access to podcasts and…

Official Website

UMPlayer is handy and straightforward application having aims to fulfill all your needs using 270 built-in A/V codecs. UMPlayer packs all function and wraps them in a user-friendly and intuitive interface for easy access. It allows users to customize the appearance of the application using downloadable packages. Plus, users can…

Official Website

Exaile is a handy application that enables you to enjoy audio tracks on your computer or listen to Internet radio stations. It features a simple, yet effective layout that allows the user to familiarize him with its functions and fully benefit from them quickly. You have the option to organize…

Official Website

jetAudio is reliable and powerful integrated multimedia application designed to achieve multiple purposes just like ripping, encoding and playing your media files. jetAudio works as an all-around multimedia manager and supports the majority of both audio and video formats as well as Winamp plugins. When you run it the first…

Official Website

Miro is an intuitive and powerful software application that can help you to download clips and podcasts from the Internet, create playlists and buy MP3 files from Amazon. This open source media player is developed to assist you in playing video and audio files, as well as see and download…

Official Website