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18 Bandwidth Monitor Pro Alternatives

Bandwidth Monitor Pro is a lightweight program that shows your network adapters bandwidth usage. It is a Windows application having the aim to monitor network adapters and bandwidth users, furnishing a lot of customization options for such purpose. The primary window of the program shows a bunch of statistics, including current upload and download speed. The setting screen is more important that allows you to configure the look of the app. First of all, you need to choose the network adapter and the upstream and downstream connection information, as well as data rates and transfer speed. Moreover, you have the option to adjust layout, pick the items to display in the primary window, with options including upload and download rates graphs, and transfer overview. The good thing is that the program places an icon in the system tray and displays information in real time, without affecting the performance of the system. it works flawlessly with all Windows versions.

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1 is an Internet monitoring program that allows you to check out connection speed of Internet in thirty seconds. Due to its global network, it provides the value accurately. is the number one app on iOS and Android App market for testing Internet Speeds. Professionals have trusted for…

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2 is an HTML5 Internet speed test application. This online program tests the internet speed of your system in the smartest and accurate way. The application works well on iPhone, Android, Windows and other devices as well as desktop systems. The application provides the bandwidth graph in real time. Run…

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Network Speed Test

Network Speed Test is a user-friendly program that allows you to verify the speed of your Internet connection accurately and see your network delay. This effective program has the aim to help users who want to test their network speed with ease. The primary window is simple to use, and…

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SpeedTest is a small freeware Windows and Linux OS application created to test network speed. It provides the results in an easy to understand interface. The application allows the user to insert the testing server address, which can be a simple web page or a dedicated speed test server. The…

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My Network Speed

My Network Speed is a comprehensive application that allows you to monitor your network cards and view the upload and download speeds in real time. So you can keep an eye on your network speed for the connected network adapters. This program is useful for network administrators who need to…

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Simple Net Speed

Simple Net Speed is a straightforward networking monitoring program that allows you to know more about your broadband connection efficiency. The program can help you to improve the broadband speed as much as possible. The application includes few sliders that you can adjust to boost the Internet speed. However, remember…

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LAN Speed Test

LAN Speed Test is a straightforward application that allows you to test the speed of your Local Area Network using the minimum amount of fuss. The program relies on an intuitive user approach and a small number of configuration options. The main window of LAN Speed Test includes all details…

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Network Speed Calculator

Network Speed Calculator is a small sized, straightforward networking application that can calculate connection speed according to the set of parameters defined by you. Network Speed Calculator is a portable program so you can run it without installation and save it to any drive. The GUI has a single window…

Official Website

NetSpeedMonitor is a lightweight network monitoring program that allows you to check the speed of your network. The application has a simple interface with a clean layout, easy to figure by all users. The program enables you to monitor the current speed for downloading and uploading of your Network Interface…

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Network Tester and Configuration

Network Tester and Configuration is an actual Internet speed monitoring program that allows you to learn more about your Local Area Network. You have the option to configure your Internet network and improve the Internet speed. It provides details about your connection. In a similar way to the ipconfig command…

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Essential NetTools

Essential NetTools is a comprehensive set of features that can help you to diagnose network and monitor your system’s network connections. The program provides all the tools necessary for managing your network and ensuring network security. All the available tools are present in a customizable sidebar so that you can…

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ADSL Speed Test

ADSL Speed Test is a network testing application that allows you to test the speed and latency of Internet connection. The program includes a clean and well-organized GUI, with few configuration options at your disposal. It contains features in tabs like “Test,” “Monitoring” and “Statistics.” The “Test” tab helps users…

Official Website

NetWorx is a network monitoring application that allows you to monitor network traffic to test the Internet connection, look out for suspicious activity, fix connectivity problems and limit the bandwidth. The application is useful for monitoring parameters like bandwidth usage, connection speed, and network testing. The easy to use interface…

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Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth Monitor is a reliable program that can track all network connections and shows real-time numerical and graphical data transfer rates and creates daily, weekly and monthly reports. This lightweight program helps you to track network connections and gather useful information like upload and download speeds. The program supports a…

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ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter is a network testing program that facilitates the user to monitor Internet traffic and see statistics for a user-defined time interval. It runs in the tray and features a handy information window with current and past data. The application shows a small popup screen with current traffic…

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DU Meter

DU Meter is an efficient program that facilitates the user to monitor network’s bandwidth usage, upload and download speeds. The user can also calculate data transfer costs. The application includes a powerful logging tool that enables it to create hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, including incoming and outgoing traffic.…

Official Website
Network Traffic Monitor

Network Traffic Monitor is a straightforward application that can monitor the status of your network. The program can keep you up to date with what’s happening with the internet traffic. The app is just a simple window that contains all the information, starting with the adapter description and ending with…

Official Website
Speed Test

Speed Test is an actual maximum speed test monitor program that facilitates you to monitor the performance of different computer components. You can use the application to track the network adapter, the memory, and CPU as well as the testing the Internet connection speed. This application can keep an eye…

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