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31 Bandicam Alternatives

Bandicam is a straightforward software program that facilitates you to capture your desktop activity, working and gaming sessions. This program can record your screen activity to a video file. It contains a mode built for helping users to record their gaming sessions. The user interface of Bandicam provides limited features. It combines useful features and simplicity for providing the best results for video capturing operations. You have the possibility to choose the area for capturing, for example, a full-screen window (OpenGL/DirectX) or a user-defined custom area. Moreover, you can take simple snapshots and save them to PNG, BMP, or JPG file format. The user can allow the program to remain on top of other applications, pick default saving directory, allows the FPS display, assign hotkeys for better control over the whole process, specify the FPS limit and set its position on the screen. In addition, it furnishes many video and audio configuration settings for helping you to choose the number of frames per seconds, quality of the video, codec, bitrate, and frequency. It provides an intuitive environment for assisting all types of users.

Official Website
Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a video capturing application that facilitates you to make a video of on-screen activity from any program running on your system. The overwhelming interface of Camtasia Studio provides all types of features to the user. When initiating a new recording, you have the option to select either…

Official Website

CamStudio is a simple to use a software program that can easily record your screen activity. So you can easily make conclusive presentations and video tutorials using this intuitive program. The simple interface of CamStudio has a toolbar, from where you can initiate or stop recording, toggle the view, the…

Official Website

Fraps is the simple recording software that helps you to record gaming time and take screenshots of the system. It has a nice interface with an intuitive layout which can help you to customize the program according to your requirements. So you can modify the hotkeys for initiating supported actions…

Official Website
MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a multi-functional program that can unleash the true power of your graphic card for providing an enhanced gaming experience. This graphic card program facilitates you to monitor your GPU and get the maximum performance. Moreover, the application has the possibility to make a recording of your gaming…

Official Website

Jing is a straightforward program that assists the user to get screenshots, record his activities and share them on the Internet with the help of cloud service. You have to create an account on the application website for better working. So you can easily share snapshots and recordings with other…

Official Website

oCam is a reliable video capturing program that enables you to record the desktop screen and capture screenshots. It offers two different modes for recording videos and taking screenshots, full screen or a chosen area. It has a minimalistic window that allows you to set up the whole process using…

Official Website

Wink is an efficient screen capturing application that assists you to create step-by-step tutorial videos. So it is an ideal program for people who want to create demonstration or “how-to” videos and share them online. The simple graphic interface of Wink contains a new project wizard from where you can…

Official Website

Action! Is a user-friendly video capturing program that allows the user to record his desktop or gameplay and take screenshots. This effective and reliable program offers impressive features like recording and streaming audio and PC screen activities in an HD video quality. The intuitive interface of Action! Offers three video…

Official Website
Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software is one of the most popular screen capturing application. It can capture and record your activities on your computer or webcam and save the clips to multiple file formats. It has a pretty intuitive interface, with all the tools nicely organized in the primary window. You…

Official Website

FlashBack is a simple but powerful screen-recording application that helps you to manage engaging tutorials. The application can record any part of your screen and convert it into a video file. You have the possibility to draw on the screen, add images and notes and edit recording video to provide…

Official Website
LoiLo Game Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder is a straightforward recording application that facilitates you to record your PvP battles experiences and create tutorials or walkthroughs. So you can easily record footage of killing enemies in PvP zones, doing raids or exploring the content while maintaining the balance between file size and quality. The…

Official Website

FFsplit is a reliable application that allows you to record or capture your desktop in the different high-quality image or video format. You can easily record and capture any program running on your PC. Watch the recorded video live or save it to an output directory for uploading and sharing…

Official Website
iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam is a straightforward program that facilitates you to make desktop videos and save your clips locally or share them on YouTube. The modern-looking interface of the program provides all the necessary features for capturing the screen actions and editing the captured videos for preparing them for online…

Official Website

TinyTake is a comprehensive software that enables you to capture screenshots and record videos of your PC screen. The program provides quick access to Cloud service, so you can instantly share multimedia files using few clicks. You have the possibility to capture the whole display, the active window or user-defined…

Official Website
Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is a reliable and accessible instrument that can create applications demonstrations and make videos for tutoring and training. So you can easily record PC screen activity and save it to a video file. It saves the video as an AVI file. The application facilitates you to record…

Official Website

Dxtory is a reliable recording program that helps you capture video frames from OpenGL and DirectX applications, and save them to AVI file format. The straightforward interface facilitates you to choose the default saving folders for the screenshots and recorded items. Plus, specify the writing speed for recording high-bitrate videos.…

Official Website
Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a straightforward and flexible application that assists you to record a specific area of a computer screen or capture screenshots. So users can easily record their screen for personal, educational or demonstration purposes. The program allows users to choose a custom area of the desktop, then…

Official Website

Taksi is a screen capture or video recording program for 3D graphic programs just like games. It contains advanced features for recording videos and taking screenshots while running 3D programs or playing games, without affecting CPU performance. It provides support for DirectX, GDI, OpenGL, allowing you to record videos and…

Official Website

StepsToReproduce is a lightweight program that can capture the whole PC screen, chosen regions or just the active window. The application offers two modes of operation, ‘single shot’ and screenshots recording. It supports hotkeys so you can easily adjust screen captures before saving them to disk. You can make many…

Official Website

D3DGear is a reliable recording program that helps you to take screenshots, record game progress and broadcast the captured videos over a network. D3DGear has a simple interface where you can make many settings. You can allow the program to show the number of frames per second in defined location…

Official Website

Gameshow is a user-friendly video recording application that helps you to set a game stream instantly and broadcast content to Twitch or YouTube. Gameshow has a highly intuitive interface from where you can select one of the available templates or start from scratch. The program provides ideal layouts for different…

Official Website
Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a lightweight recording program that facilitates the user to record his computer screen to WMV format as well as capture screenshots. The clean and intuitive interface enable users to set up the specific parameters with minimum effort. It provides you the ability to record in…

Official Website

SCREEN2EXE is a straightforward video capturing program that helps you to record your whole computer screen or just a chosen region. The program offers different screen capture speeds such as Slow, Normal, Quick or As Fast As It Can. The most important feature of SCREEN2EXE enables you to include audio…

Official Website

Smartpixel is an efficient recording program that allows you to record video from your desktop or capture from your webcam. The program provides you the possibility to enhance your captured clips using multiple editing functions. The primary window shows three main functions of the application. Use Producer to create slideshows…

Official Website

PresentationTube is a straightforward application that helps you to record your PC screen with audio and live webcam streaming. You can make an impression on your audience by creating video presentations using live webcam footage. The program assists you to combine elements just like PowerPoint slides, sketches, drawings, texts, and…

Official Website

PlayClaw is a comprehensive recording application that assists the user to make high-quality action videos of his 3D games. The practical interface of PlayClaw manage to furnish all the necessary options. For example, alter the output folders for the resulting videos and images. Moreover, run the program at Windows startup…

Official Website
321Soft Screen Video Recorder

321Soft Screen Video Recorder is a reliable software program that enables you to record your system’s whole screen or a specific part of it. So record your computer’s screen for different time periods and save it as a video file. It has a lightweight package and provides fast setup capabilities.…

Official Website
oRipa Screen Recorder

oRipa Screen Recorder is a straightforward recording application that can record your screen activities and save the files to local disks. Access the user-friendly interface with just basic technical knowledge. The program can record only whole screen activity, and you can choose the size of the output video file, video…

Official Website
Zebra Screen Recorder

Zebra Screen Recorder is a recording application that enables you to capture your computer screen activity and convert it into a standard MPEG or AVI video file. This screen capture program can record and capture photos of your whole screen or the chosen areas of the screen. It is a…

Official Website
BSR Screen Recorder

BSR Screen Recorder is a screen capturing application that allows you to capture pictures and video from screen. The application can perform multiple actions and contains handy features. It has a modular structure so you can work with three independent programs, Screen Recorder, Movie Lab and Movie Studio. Using the…

Official Website
Usability Studio

Usability Studio is a user-friendly program that assists you to perform usability test using desktop or webcam. The intuitive user interface comprises nice features ad tools. It helps you to find usability issues in the computer programs and websites. It can record the tester’s facial expression, speech and the action…

Official Website