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25 Auslogics BoostSpeed Alternatives

Auslogics BoostSpeed is an optimization software to speed up your system. Auslogics BoostSpeed lets you modify Windows settings, file systems, and services to improve system performance supposedly. Auslogics BoostSpeed is mainly designed to help increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autoruns, and unwanted error reporting features. It also automatically informs you if your system requires a tune-up or advise you on what needs doing. You have the facility of running the System Optimization Wizard to optimize your PC periodically with the help of Auslogics BoostSpeed. This application assists you to adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increase browsing speeds and create a more reliable Internet connections. Auslogics BoostSpeed provides you all the result in a graphical format which looks fantastic although you have to be skeptical about exactly how much the program is changing. Auslogics BoostSpeed offers you fast speed at starting but probably not enough to make any significant difference to the performance of your machine over the long run. Some changings have been made in the new version of this application just like it has improved the algorithm to increase stability, and a checkbox is the part of the scan results page that lets archive deleted data. Auslogics BoostSpeed offers you multiple selection options that allow you to perform tasks for various services at a time.

Official Website
Clean Master for PC

Clean Master for PC is the Windows version of Android’s Cleaner application, and it helps you to remove unnecessary files from the system and recovers space on your hard drive. It is very efficient and usable application and has been adapted for all types of users. Clean Master for PC…

Official Website

CCleaner is a utility software that automatically finds and removes junk files and errors on Windows systems including Window 10. CCleaner helps you to recover disk space with a few clicks and makes your system faster and more efficient. It can detect rough Windows files and applications installed by you…

Official Website
Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a toolkit for PC maintenance and it’ desperate to find anything that we don’t like. Glary Utilities is a fantastic application having a handful of system utilities that facilitate you to tweak, repair, optimize and improve your system’s performance. All tools in Glary Utilities are conveniently categorized,…

Official Website

BleachBit is free of cost cache cleaner designed to boost up your PC. It automatically finds, identifies, preview, and delete rough cached and saved files in your browsers and mail clients; programs such as Java, Adobe Flash, and Reader; communication software like Skype, chat tools, and media players; and Google…

Official Website

AVG PC TuneUp is one of the interesting optimization application that is helpful to optimize PC performance, fix problems and customize your system. Due to its qualities, it may become an essential part of you PC maintenance programs. It allows you to remove browser traces and other file clutter to…

Official Website
IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is one of the robust optimization suites for Windows and latest version of this suite has some new and exciting utilities. IObit Advanced SystemCare provides you facility to clean, maintain, and improve your PC’s performance. The feature of the Toolbox provides you access to an extensive range…

Official Website
Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk utility design to assist you to keep your disk clean by deleting rough files. Usually, these sharp or junk files appear as the result of program incomplete uninstallers, temporary Internet files, etc. It is best if these files are wiped out from time…

Official Website

SlimComputer is a system optimization application that allows you to optimize your computer with the help of other users. Instead of downloading information about installed items from online databases, it lets you use of user ratings from the Slimware Utility community. SlimComputer provides you lots of tools that are useful…

Official Website

Click&Clean is an innovative and free of cost solution for your PC that allows you to scan your PC for Malware. Click&Clean is quite a useful program that lets you perform different important tasks just like delete your browsing history, Remove download history, erase temporary files, clear cookies, and Empty…

Official Website
System Ninja

System Ninja is a handy tool to get rid of rough files from the system, to free up space. System Ninja has a simple and quite an intuitive interface and allows you to select the types of junk files you want System Ninja to look for, and initiate the scanning…

Official Website

nCleaner is a powerful optimizer that you can use to clean up your computer to optimize its performance. nCleaner has a bright and elegant interface for easy use. It will take care of system items (e.g. temporary files, history), Office applications, web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), potential rough system…

Official Website

PrivaZer is an easy to use and innovative cleaner that is helpful to erase unused files from your HDD and speed up your personal computer’s performance. You can use this application to get rid of unnecessary files and other items that you might not want on the computer. PrivaZer allows…

Official Website
jv16 PowerTools

jv16 PowerTools is an optimization application to clean your PC hard drive and registry. Regular defragging of your hard drive can only achieve so much, so an optimization suite like jv16 PowerTools can get a little extra out of your system. It is in most standard optimizer format and divides…

Official Website

JetClean is one of the fantastic optimization tools to improve the performance of your computer and protect your system privacy. JetClean can help you to free up space on your hard drive by getting rid of rough files and makes you able to boost your computer’s performance level. JetClean has…

Official Website
FCorp Cleaner++

FCorp Cleaner++ is a lightweight optimization application specially designed for cleaning unused registry entries and uninstalling unnecessary programs. You have the facility to use this application to clean registry entries that deleted programs leave behind and clean over 500 application entries in the registry. FCorp Cleaner++ provides you a tabbed…

Official Website

EasyCleaner is a cleaning application packed with some powerful tools and assist you to clean your registry quickly, uninstall the unnecessary application, manage startup items and revert all your changes. EasyCleaner is an excellent solution to boost your computer speed and get rid of old and unused registry entries, temporary…

Official Website

CleanMyPC is a comprehensive cleaning application that assists you to keep your PC free of any malware and unnecessary files that take up valuable disk space. CleanMyPCa allows you to delete useless files that tend to mount-up and waste valuable disk space just like temporary files, disk images, and types…

Official Website
FileLab Windows Cleaner

FileLab Windows Cleaner is a handy and reliable application designed to scan and fix different registry entries. FileLab Windows Cleaner provides you the facility to remove junk files, broken shortcuts, temporary Internet files, corrupted applications and trash files in the recycle bin. This software assists you to speed up the…

Official Website
Duplicate Cleaner Free

Duplicate Cleaner Free is a user-friendly optimization application that allows you to find and delete duplicate documents or music on your hard drive or network. It is an ad-supported, and you should be careful when installing this application. Duplicate Cleaner Free provides you the facility to download a third-party component…

Official Website
Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a fantastic suite that combines tweakers, optimizers, enhancers, privacy protectors, organizers, and other utilities. Advanced System Optimizer allows you to use these tools to make your PC run more smoothly. The services of this software work in the background to efficiently manage system performance, raise system…

Official Website
Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor is an easy software solution for secure cleaning of your computer and optimizing your system. It provides you options for junk, registry and privacy cleaning, startup optimization and system boosting. It performs an in-depth scanning of your PC to detect any issue that affects the system performance…

Official Website
Kerish Doctor

Kerish Doctor is a comprehensive and versatile software utility helpful to optimize and maintain the health of your system. It provides you an intuitive and modern interface with a few sections having different options and modules for system optimization. The neatly-disposed and ergonomic layout of Kerish Doctor allows you to…

Official Website

DiskMax is an optimization application to optimize your computer in a step by step process. It is a simple to use program that facilitates you to clean your hard drive, by getting rid of junk files. After initiating this program, you can choose a scanning profile between “Quick”, “Standard”, “Detailed”…

Official Website

Remo MORE is a cleaning application for Windows to make your computer efficient and more reliable quickly. It provides you many useful tools like you can Power Manager to schedule power plan on personal computers and you can also use to wipe free disk space off a Windows computer which…

Official Website
Baidu Cleaner

Baidu Cleaner is an optimization tool to improve computer performance in a unique way. It builds a “junk file” database in the cloud, identifying unused files that are clogging a computer based on its user’s behavior, and then integrates data from other users to improve it junk detection effectiveness. Baidu…

Official Website