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14 Apple Motion Alternatives

Apple Motion is a straightforward application that contains a collection of templates. It helps you to make adjustments to Final Cut Pro transitions, effects, and titles. You can create, transition, effects, and titles for your video projects, or your 2D or 3D animations. It has an intuitive interface with a single window layout and a range of controls that assists you to manipulate effects. Work with the program to set up animated templates for different transitions, generators, title, or effects, and send them to Final Cut Pro and apply them to your footage. In addition, you can group parameters, and utilize a single slider to modify many variables simultaneously. It is a useful program for adding text content to your video footage. You can display the actual text, and personalize its appearance to match your requirements. The program allows you to adjust the text position, style, layout, format, orientation, rotation, as well as create 3D effects. Due to the advanced Apple Motion real-time design engine, interact with your footage and make adjustments during playback. It contains over 1900 royalty free, high-quality 2D and 3D compositions. Plus, it includes “behaviors” such as Vortex, Repel, or Throw that will assist you to simulate a real life effect without writing a line of code. Work with another Apple program, compressor to create custom output settings.

Official Website
Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful and well-rounded application that allows the user to generate professional-looking images, graphics and add motion to them. It is one of the most complex utilities that can work for creating motion graphics or cinematic visual effects. The program has a large installer, so it…

Official Website

Natron is an efficient image processing program special created for digital composting. It facilitates you to blend elements from different resources into a single scene. The intuitive interface of Natron shows all options within reach. The Node Graph assists you to acquire a glimpse at all the accessed viewers and…

Official Website

HitFilm is advanced video editing program that provides you all the tools and effects for creating amazing videos. Professional Composition tools, visual effects, and video editing features are present in this professional program. The primary screen of HitFilm offers external links to video tutorials, the movie wall, discussions from the…

Official Website
Blackmagic Design Fusion

Blackmagic Design Fusion is the world’s most advanced compositing application for broadcast and motion graphic designers, visual effects artists, and 3D animators. The program features a powerful node-based interface so you can construct complex effects by connecting different types of processing together. The program includes a massive range of effects…

Official Website

NUKE is a node-based compositing program that enables you to generate complex scripts for creating high-quality multimedia content. You can play with VFX in a flexible environment. This comprehensive utility offers state-of-the-art tools for crafting, editing and animating stunning graphic elements using node-based visual effects. The program needs a high-performance…

Official Website

ButtleOFX is a user-friendly and open source compositing program. The program facilitates you to create special effects for your images and videos. An intuitive Graph Editor Plugin is useful for connecting nodes. The program has three modes to work with; the default mode, the browser mode and the advanced mode.…

Official Website
TimelineFX Editor

TimelineFX Editor is a comprehensive particle effect editor application that enables you to generate impressive animations that you can use in creating a computer game. The program can create effects according to the environment you are developing. TimelineFX Editor helps you to create smoke circles, fire blasts, laser beams, energy…

Official Website

Liconcomp is a reliable window application that allows you to compose, text, videos, and camera images live and play them back in real-time. It is a perfect application for the playback of content on large screens, scrolling LED displays, LED walls, LED perimeter systems and screens in custom formats. It…

Official Website

PixelConduit is a real-time video and graphic compositing application. It uses a node-based interface for creating shiny and complex effects. With the help of optimizing Conduit Effect System, you can combine dozens of effects such as blurs, keyers and tone curves. This lightweight app is easy to integrate into your…

Official Website

BluffTitler is a straightforward program that can create 3D titles and effects for videos. The application assists you to generate 3D animations and presentations, insert special effects and export them as videos on your system. The easy to use GUI allows you to start a new show and set the…

Official Website

Solar is a new GPU-accelerated high-end compositor for VFX work. It offers a node and tree-based workflow and provides a range of tools such as color correction and grading, layer management tools and additional tools like particle systems and caustics. The program is compatible with standard editing hardware like AJA,…

Official Website

ParticleIllusion is an efficient program that helps you to create special effects. If you are searching for an explosion, spray, flash, drip or any other effect, you can find it in ParticleIllusion, as it contains over 2,600 particle effects. The counter-intuitive GUI adds an effect to a picture or video…

Official Website

Snowmix is a leading, open source Video Mixer. It is a fast and flexible command line application with a small resource footprint for mixing live audio and video feeds dynamically. The program supports overlaying and mixing images, video, and graphic elements in 2D and 3D. The program also supports mixing…

Official Website

PhotoAnim is a comprehensive application that contains many graphical tools. The program helps you to take ordinary 2D images and convert them into 3D files or movies as well as edit photos using special filters, effects, and drawing tools. You can save the projects on your system to access them…

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