12 AnVir Task Manager Alternatives

AnVir Task Manager is a system tracking and controlling application that enables the users to control every part of their system. After taking the control of an entire system, the users can enhance the performance by closing the unwanted programs and threats. Even removing Trojans by using AnVir Task Manager is also possible. The main functioning areas of AnVir Task Manager are monitor processes/services/startup programs, replacement of Windows Task Manager, removal of spyware & viruses, boosting the performance of the PC. AnVir Task Manager is available in two version namely AnVir Task Manager Free and AnVir Task Manager Pro. The ultimate purpose of both versions is to provide the users a single platform for controlling and monitoring the entire PC. By using the AnVir Task Manager users can easily instantly access to folders, can perform multiple processes & manipulate processes as well, monitor the system, check for the CPU memory and network performance, disk monitoring, complete description of startup, and analyzing of program behavior.

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Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a task manager based application. It actually informs the users about the usage of CPU and inform about which program is running in active mode and in the background. With the help of Process Explorer, the user can also know about the other activities of CPU and…

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Process Hacker

Process Hacker is a multifunctional and multiplatform application that assist the users in monitoring system resources, debugging software and detecting malware as well. Process Hacker displays the detailed picture of system activity. The graphical data representation system of Process Hacker lets the users to quickly view the all those programs…

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Process Lasso

Process Lasso is a process priority optimizing tool for CPU. It monitors the process of CPU and monitors which program is working as well. The other features of Process Lasso are real-time information, light-weight, efficient, and user-friendly. Process Lasso is an application that provides the user full control over their…

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SystemExplorer is for keeping your entire system under control. It is a free application that is used for exploration and management of internal parts of the system. SystemExplorer gives the full control to users over their system. System manager often needs to control the entire system of a PC or…

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Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is the product of Windows operating systems. It automatically installs in the computer during installation of Windows. It can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. By opening the Windows Task Manager, the users of Windows operating system can see the programs, services, and processes that are in running…

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Chameleon Task Manager

Chameleon Task Manager is a task manager for Windows operating systems that provides the users full control of processes and program currently in running state. Chameleon Task Manager is a great source of optimizing the performance of the computer by closing those unwanted programs and those that are not responding,…

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Kiwi application monitor

Kiwi application monitor is a tiny tool allowing you to monitor your applications/processes, windows, and users activities. The user can set this program to start with Windows and run in the background with the usage of small system resources. In addition to monitoring and performing the basic functions, Kiwi application…

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WhySoSlow was formerly known as AntiFreeze. It comes with a last recourse when you come across the hassle of hand state in your computer. This utility works to put all running programs to sleep leaving the most crucial ones, giving you the edge to close down the programs that are…

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KSysGuard is also known as KDE System Guard and KDE System Monitor. It is designed to control the system activities without going for any special kind of steps. KSysGuard displays two type of sheets — the system load page and the process table. System Loads then have three options that…

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Process Tamer

Process Tamer is a small utility that watches the CPU usage of running processes and automatically lowers the priority of processes that are overloading the CPU until their CPU usage returns to a plausible level. It will never slow down the performance of the PC despite the fact that it…

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SpyStudio is a simple but powerful application for keeping an eye over the performance and activities of the system. SpyStudio can be used for tracing application, compare traces, application virtualization, application packaging, etc. The user-friendly interface of SpyStudio lets the both IT professional and those having no technical knowledge to…

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Daphne is an open source and free application for checking PC performance and killing any running process. Allowing the users for configuring menu items by providing an associated process list and then terminating those with a single click is the main function of the Daphne. However, now the developer have…

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