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22 AirDroid Alternatives

AirDroid is easy to use software that enables users to access and manage their Android phone or tablet from the computer through a wireless connection. This intuitive program allows you to manage your Android applications, right from your PC. There should be a wireless connection between your Android phone or tablets, so you can transfer files, read messages, view call list, and reply to incoming SMS. Users can remotely manage specific functions of his Android phone or tablet. For example, he can transfer file and folder from computer to Android or Android to computer. He can also view call list, received messages, missed calls, and reply to a short message using the physical keyboard of the computer. You have to install AirDroid both on your computer and Android phone to create a secure connection. AirDroid sister app is present on Play store so that the user can install it from there. Additionally to installation, the user requires a login by providing a valid email address and password, then repeat the same process when using AirDroid from the phone/tablet. When the connection is established, the user can view the phone’s content on the desktop, and he can remotely control his Android phone or tablet just like receive notifications on his desktop, reply to SMS or start applications by clicking on the notifications. It has the feature of End-to-End encryption for data protection or blocking interference from third parties.

Official Website

Mobogenie is a reliable application that allows you to manage contacts, apps, messages, and multimedia files of your smartphones using your computer. This type of application is also known as Android Synchronization software. It has highly intuitive, interface and helps you to browse and manage all the files on your…

Official Website
Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is a reliable and handy application that can assist you to backup or transfer data from your Android smartphone to the computer and access specific apps to manage your files easily. To get benefit from Wondershare MobileGo for Android, you have to connect your phone using its specific…

Official Website

The racoon is easy to use application that enables the user to download Android APK field without using Internet browser. This handy software acts like Google Play download client and assists you in grabbing APK files from the store without any interact with it. It features a user-friendly interface which…

Official Website
Pure APK Install

Pure APK Install is a lightweight software application that facilitates the user to install XAPK and APK format files on Android devices right from your computer. If you got a new smartphone and you are not able to install your desired applications on your mobile so you have the option…

Official Website

HiSuite is a comprehensive management utility developed by Huawei smartphones which allow the user to manage the content of Android from a computer. This smartphone tool takes are of most management jobs. It supports a nice and user-friendly interface that enables users to transfer data to and from the handheld…

Official Website
Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is a reliable and lightweight utility that allows you to manage your rooted Android devices. This application supports a large variety of devices just like HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung, and Acer Liquid. Droid Explorer assists the user to view and organise the device contents with the help of…

Official Website
Real APK Leecher

Real APK Leecher is a handy tool to find and download apps from Google Play on your computer directly. After that, application transfers APK files to the handheld device to complete the installation. Real APK Leecher has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables you to find free apps on…

Official Website
iStonsoft Android File Manager

iStonsoft Android File Manager works as a file manager for your Android phone and enables you to edit contacts easily, save messages, and install new apps on your smartphone. This comprehensive and practical solution is helpful to manage and organise files and folders, backup contacts and SMS messages as well…

Official Website

AExplorer is a handy application that allows users to explore the file system of their Android devices, view installed apps and stored files, as well as perform transfers between computer and phone. This simplistic file manager can read and show the content stored on your Android phone with the help…

Official Website
Android Control

Android Control is a simple and reliable software that facilitates you to control your Android device from your computer with the help of a USB connection. This intuitive application is easy to install without any special knowledge in working with a computer. Then, you can start working on it and…

Official Website
Android ICS Root Unlocker

Android ICS Root Unlocker is a reliable utility that facilitates the user to enable the root function on your Android mobile phone. This app allows him to use any modifications to his device, without any restrictions. To start working with the app, you have to connect your phone to the…

Official Website
MyPhoneExplorer Portable

MyPhoneExplorer Portable is a portable software that facilitates the user to manage his mobile phone in a comfortable manner, control contacts, calls, and reminders directly from his home computer. It is a portable edition of MyPhoneExplorer with a user-friendly environment to manage data on your phone. It works without installation…

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Android Applications Manager

Android Applications Manager is an open source application having simple settings for installing and uninstalling apps from Android-powered devices. This simple software enables you to uninstall apps from your Android devices easily and to add new ones or apply backups with older settings. It works on the computer without installation…

Official Website
91 PC Suite for Android

91 PC Suite for Android is lightweight management application that allows the user to access and manage all features of Android smartphone right from the computer. This software solution has special tools to manage and organise data and files on an Android smartphone. The user can install and uninstall apps…

Official Website
AST Android SMS Transfer

AST Android SMS Transfer is a user-friendly app that allows the user to transfer easily and backup Android SMS messages contacts to the computer. It supports an intuitive interface with a regular window split into two areas, for navigating Android locations and Viewing content respectively. It loads information in the…

Official Website
Android Apk Installer

Android Apk Installer is a management application that facilitates you to install APK packages onto an Android phone directly from the computer. This application is compatible with all major platforms, allowing the user to deploy APK packages on your Android device in a timely fashion. Due to this app, you…

Official Website
Cheetah Sync

Cheetah Sync is a lightweight and handy application that lets you pair a folder on your Android device using a folder on your computer. First, you have to install the app on your computer and your Android phone. Then make sure that handset identifies the computer and it can establish…

Official Website
Android Manager

Android Manager is a reliable software application that allows you to manage your Android phone through PC, install and delete apps and perform data backups. This advanced utility enables you to browse files and folders and remove pattern locks from the comfort of Windows computer. You can connect this app…

Official Website

SnapPea is a straightforward software utility that enables you to manage your Android data from their computer and send text messages. The application features a simple and clean interface having a navigation panel and a panel to show the specific information, along with a few other buttons. This program is…

Official Website
MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android is an intuitive and user-friendly software that is useful to manage the documents and programs present on your Android phone or tablet. To use this app, you have to connect your device to the computer through a USB cable. After this, the primary window of the…

Official Website
Android Injector

Android Injector is comprehensive software utility that allows the user to install apps on his Android powered phone or device through USB. If the user wants to download the app from another website and his phone does not allow it. Then Android Injector is one of the best solutions for…

Official Website
Portable SonicHandy

Portable SonicHandy is a portable mobile phone management software that allows the user to view contacts and messages on his device. It helps you to explore the contacts of your Android Phone on a Windows computer instantly and perform backups of your contacts and SMS archive. Moreover, you can create…

Official Website