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24 AdBlock Master Alternatives

AdBlock Master is a simple to use application that is useful to block advertisements that may appear on specific websites and stops them from loading. It is a reliable utility having a key task to filter the ads or commercial banners and prevent browsers from showing them. It offers a heuristic analyzer that is quick helpful to block more and more types of ads because it has improved the database. AdBlock Master contains a live blacklist database which has a catalog of domains that deliver ads or banners. The app updates the list constantly when an Internet connection is available. This utility does not have the option to change the live blacklist database manually, but it can be easily appended from the Local Database. You have the possibility to add some new domains manually to the blacklist in the Local Database and quickly block the access to them. Plus, you can manually update this specific list and can save it to your computer. AdBlock Master also has a Parental Control feature which is a different type of blacklist having adult and +18 rated websites. The user can use the Local Proxy tab to enter proxy domains, to block them. The list has domains which are officially blocked by the Internet Service Provider. It features a the Site Analyzer which allows the user to identify URLs that have no connection with domains and can redirect to adverting pages potentially.

Official Website
Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is ad blocking software that provides you a clean browsing experience. It is a Firefox add-on having a powerful functionality just like it removes advertisements, tracking and banners while browsing the internet, ensuring a private ad secure experience. It is also available for Google Chrome and Opera. It…

Official Website
Adguard Web Filter

Adguard Web Filter is an interesting ad blocker and pop-up killer for all web browsers. It protects the user against phishing and reduces both page load time and data usage. It provides you tools to remove irritating items during buffering and decrease loading times to save up traffic for more…

Official Website

uBlock is a browser add-on that enables you to block any element you want, by customizing filters. This user-friendly browser extension provides a simple way of blocking adverts and banners on the visiting web pages. You can manually choose other items you want to stop from being displayed. The user…

Official Website
AdBlock for Chrome

AdBlock for Chrome is an adblocking software that allows you to block unwanted advertisements from the websites you visit. It is a simple extension for Chrome having the primary task to hide unnecessary ads on all web pages, to prevent accident clicks and using the dangerous content. It also supports…

Official Website

Hostblock is an adblocking software utility that enables the user to block ad-supported or other unwanted hot websites. The user has the option to add, remove, search, save and export URLs. This user-friendly application is useful for you to block unwanted host addresses to get a smoother web browsing experience.…

Official Website

NoAds is a handy and reliable application that stops Internet popup ads from getting in the way of your web browsing through the manual window and pop-up selection. It features a basic interface having three tabs such as the standard Internet Explorer ad blocking list, ‘America Online’, and the ‘Wildcard…

Official Website

AdFender is straightforward and powerful application having a key task to block annoying ads that may appear while browsing the Internet. In this way, the user can boost up Internet bandwidth and navigate in a clean environment. It supports a clean and straightforward interface which shows an overview of the…

Official Website
Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is a handy and powerful software utility which helps the user to block advertisements and popups for some of the most used web browsers. This app can filter website data and block unwanted content just like advertisements, sounds, links, images or various scripts. Ad Muncher works perfectly with…

Official Website
Emma Ad Blocker

Emma Ad Blocker is a comprehensive program which can help you to block ads that are shown while browsing on the Internet. It enables you to navigate in a cleaner working environment by stopping all advertisements that can disturb in your work. By blocking ads, you get surety that no…

Official Website
Universal Ad Blocker

Universal Ad Blocker is a reliable software application that is quite useful to block or unblock ads across well-known web browsers immediately just like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE or Opera. It is a simplistic software that has the noble purpose of blockings advertisements while navigating the Internet. By blocking ads,…

Official Website
Better Pop Up Blocker

Better Pop Up Blocker is handy and customizable popup blocker. It is an add-on for Google Chrome that ensures an enhanced browsing experience without advertisements. It works as integration as it integrates into the web browser easily. It has no interface and only hints for the application is its icon…

Official Website

Adskip is a straightforward and unobtrusive application to block irritating popup ads and hide banners. It is a simple and intuitive software that can help you to improve your web browsing experience by block pop-up ads and hide banners while running in the background. It is a lightweight utility, but…

Official Website
PopUp Ad SmasheR

PopUp Ad SmasheR is an intuitive and user-friendly application that enables the user to block annoying ads and browse securely on the Internet by trashing cookies with minimum effort. This lightweight Windows software can help the user to boost up his browsing experience by blocking the annoying ads while visiting…

Official Website
Serenity Ad Blocker

Serenity Ad Blocker is free ad blocker having support for popups, cookies, blinking text, looping GIF animations, JavaScripts, auto window resizing, referrer strings, and other. This user-friendly application supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5, and it also has integration with Internet Explorer and Netscape. The application works in the systray after installation,…

Official Website
Diladele Web Safety

Diladele Web Safety is a handy and clear-cut application that allows users to protect their privacy while navigating on the Internet and block ads. This utility is helpful for those who wants to get rid of disturbing ads and flash banners that frequently appear on most websites. The app features…

Official Website

Ghostery is easy to use gadget that can block ads to provide you ever best browsing experience. Ghostery is an extension of Firefox, and you can manage it from the taskbar. By right clicking the little “Ghost” icon, you can get access to help (online), options and information on the…

Official Website
Pop up Blocker Pro

Pop up Blocker Pro is an interesting software application to stop ads and trash your browsing history. It is a reliable utility to block the disturbing Internet ads while browsing the Internet. It provides protection against ads enabling you to load web pages faster. Pop up Blocker Pro features three…

Official Website
Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker is a handy tool that enables you to get rid of most of all annoying ads such as pop-ups, banners, and cookies. Nowadays, most of the websites use cookies to remember your browsing history; every website has a banner at least, and lots of web pages are present…

Official Website

Proximodo is an open source customizable web filtering Proxy Server. When the user accesses the Internet through a web browser, there are lots of things you want to hide. The browser and the website exchange “headers” that is the behavior of the browser’s cache system, develop or access cookies to…

Official Website

Adblock is one of the powerful ad blockers for Internet Explorer. This useful utility blocks are disturbing popup window and provide you an advanced browsing experience. There are lots of benefits of using Adblock for ad blocking. Firstly, it facilitates you to speed up page loading as ads and popups…

Official Website

Disconnect is a paid application that enables you to hide your web searches from ISPs and search engines. This app is helpful to stop search engines and ISPs from tracking your searches, IP address, and other personal information. This utility also works like a narrow VPN (Virtual Private Network) to…

Official Website
Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a handy application developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and works like privacy extension to stops sites from tracking you. It works in a similar way to Ghostery because it blocks advertisements and third-parties from tracking you with the help of cookies. Only you have to install…

Official Website
Surf In Peace

Surf In Peace is a reliable popup blocker that enables you to block pop-up ads to work faster on the Internet. It closes the windows by comparing their size range, name or a combination of both, with entries in your list of disturbing windows. It has a very low usage…

Official Website
IE AdBlock

IE AdBlock is a straightforward and reliable software application designed to block unwanted ads and popups. It is an Ad remover for the Internet Explorer which can help you to block the unwanted ads and popups with minimum effort. Ad Blocker features a smooth installation process and provides you a…

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