12 Aciqra Alternatives

Aciqra is an open source application that facilitates you to simulate the night as seen from anywhere on the planet. You can view our galaxy because it can track 12,000 stars, all 8 planets in our solar system, comets, the 88 constellations, the sun, and the moon. Aciqra features a simple and intuitive interface which permits both experienced and beginners to use it without any difficulty. Its main window can display lots of buttons that allows you to access all the available options quickly. Furthermore, it provides you information for the current view, just like the exact time, longitude, latitude, and elevation. You have the possibility to show or hide a number of astronomical objects such as stars, deep space objects, ground, earth’s shadow, constellations, natural satellites, and equatorial or horizontal grid. The user can save the images of the current view to the HDD in a BMP file format. In this application, most stars, deep space objects, solar systems, and constellations are tagged, but the user can disable this option easily. Aciqra provides you customizable labels and you can set them to display brightness, common or scientific names, color, and size. This tool offers a command prompt window in which you can make all sorts of changes and you can get a TXT file having all useful commands. By clicking on an astronomical object, you can get all information about it just like type, equator and horizontal coordinates, surface brightness, apparent magnitude, and size.

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Google Earth

Google Earth is a user-friendly program that facilitates you to view, search and discover any location on Earth. It is a downloadable software that provides satellite imagery maps with most locations around the world with the power to search all of them right from your desktop computer. Due to its…

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Marble is a handful application that allows you to visit any corner of your mother planet earth from the comfort of the desktop. You have the possibility to rediscover mother earth with all its glory using Marble and you can navigate around the globe. It provides you the option to…

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NASA World Wind

NASA World Wind is a comprehensive software that allows you to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, search locations, and work with compass and distance calculator. Motherland Earth is a complex subject and there are lots of applications are present on Market to help users to learn…

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GMap.NET is a Google Maps tool for Windows Forms that allows you to explore maps and plan routes. GMap.NET is a simple-to-use software designed to let you navigate Google Maps quickly and it also supports data machine to export routing and geocoding to file. It works without installation and you…

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Bing Maps 3D

Bing Maps 3D is a mapping application that is a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite. It facilitates you to the browser and searches topographically-shaded street maps for many cities in the world and you can use Bird’s eye view to view aerial imagery captured from low-flying aircraft. Its Streetside feature…

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StarCalc is one of the fastest professional astronomy planetarium & star mapping program and it explores star positions of any instance of the day from any geographic locations on the Earth. You have the possibility to view the star position as images of the semispherical whole sky or any of…

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GeoFlow is a new Excel feature to explore the map and time-based data and you can use GeoFlow Power Map without an Office 365 subscription. It provides you basic functionality of mapping but does not include the new features of Power Map just like filtering and custom maps. The application…

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Mapline is a mapping application that creates a map from Excel spreadsheet data and gets maps locations from thousands of well-known companies. It facilitates you to share your maps by simply entering the email of the person with whom you would like to share maps. The user can share his…

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Earth 3D

Earth 3D is a 3D mapping software that allows you to have your own personal planetarium at home. You can use this application without any installation and enjoy great views from our planet while sitting right in front of your Desktop. Earth 3D gets spatial imagery from NASA, USGS, CIA,…

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TerraExplorer is an interactive software application that allows you to view and analyze 3D landscapes. TerraExplorer has a feature with the options for a comfortable-looking window with a neatly organized structure which enables you to begin by opening TerraExplorer (.fly) or MPT files. The user can use the project tree…

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Quick Maps

Quick Maps is a Chrome add-on that facilitates you to search for locations inside the site you are currently browsing. You have the option to highlight an address and Quick Maps will display location in Google Maps using a pop-up. It enables you to ask Quick Maps to open a…

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GMapCatcher is an intuitive and easy to use software that provides you the proper means of seeing the map of a special geographic location without using The Internet. This fairly simple GMapCatcher requires a basic and uneventful installation process. The only thing to remember is that you can see the…

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