24 1stBrowser Alternatives

1stBrowser is one of the amazing utilities that can turn your browsing experience into a pleasant, by providing you with additional tools. It provides you a smooth user interface and allows you to customize it further by using a large variety of visually appealing theme content. You have the possibility to modify the application’s default icon from the app’s settings directly. The user can access a help section from with the application that only provides you with limited information. Left-clicking the address bar shows a handy toolbar by which you can access lots of web sites in a quick and convenient manner by just clicking their icon. The user can download his favorite multimedia content directly from the software’s interface without using other utilities, extensions or plugins. 1stBrowser allows you to browse your required item, be it an audio track, an image file or a video clip and hit the relating download button. The application will download the document on your computer but can’t modify the save path, as it saves the file to the Downloads folder, by default. After you close the application, it continuously runs in the system tray, unless you toggle this feature off, by clicking its tray icon. In the end, 1stBrowser is a lightweight and useful internet browser that has multiple customization options and a handy download utility.

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Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is Microsoft’s modern web browser, and you can surely use all the websites with this version. It provides you two essential tools like Accelerators also known as Activities and Web Slices. You can get direct access to different online services only by right clicking anywhere on the…

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and most advanced browsers that offers amazing features and customization options. Mozilla Firefox has lots of built-in features that can be extended through a full collection of extensions. Firefox provides you tabbed browsing customizable and had an integrated search engine, easy to customizable.…

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the Google’ web browser that allows you to open web applications and games with no hassle and quickly. Google Chrome supports all the key technologies and standards like HTML 5 and Flash. This browser facilitates you run some complex web applications, like Angry Birds and Chrome Remote…

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Opera is a free web browser that’s fast, rich in features and innovative. Opera provides you easy access to your most visited sites and those you have added to your favorites. With the help of Discover page, you can always keep an eye on the news and it displays the…

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Chromium is an open source browser for a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the Internet. Chromium is the software that works as the foundation for Chrome, with Google’s developers improving the application and adding a bunch of enhancements. Chromium is a lighter Chrome that provides almost the…

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Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser is a web browser that allows you to improve your browsing experience using a set of new features, as well as enhanced versions of classic ones. This browser follows the design template of the already popular browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Baidu Browser…

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Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser is an intuitive and stylish software, and its primary purpose is to offer you a new way of browsing the Internet. It provides you a series of additional tools and components to serve you every requirement when you are visiting your favorite websites. Vivaldi Browser offers a compact…

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Safari is an Apple designed web browser to bring you a beautiful browsing experience. A tabbed interface of Safari allows the user to view multiple web pages in the same window and to save desktop space. The user can quickly rearrange tabs using the drag-and-drop support or open a new…

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UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the reliable Internet browsing software, and it is designed to provide you both speed and compatibility with a multitude of websites. You have the facility to select between the Chromium and Internet Explorer Kernels, according to your preferences. UC Browser offers a multitude of functions…

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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is web browsing tool that provides you completely customizable and user-friendly interface, as well as high speed and overall good performance. Maxthon Cloud Browser offers lots of useful features to help you improve navigation, for example, there is an undo button for any tabs that you have…

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Polarity Browser

Polarity Browser is a handful browsing application designed to facilitate you with a tab base, reliable and safe/private web browser. This software relies on the Chromium and the Trident engines to provide a favorite section, a bookmark manager, proxy connection and theme manager. After activation, the Private Mode can prevent…

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Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 is a standard Microsoft browser that allows you to browse online while setting a whole host of options like security, privacy, and ease of use. Internet Explorer 9 offers you new tools like protection against tracking and SmartScreen filter which allows you to check the security certificate…

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Maxthon is an Internet Explorer-based application that provides you facility to take a break from the big two of internet browsing. You will love this application due to lots of options as the browser has more buttons, menus, and configurations options than Photoshop. You can open its configuration options in…

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Midori is not a well-known browser but fast web browser that performs quick page rendering and provides you session management facilities. Midori has a simple interface like other modern web browsers. Midori supports tabs, means you can open a large number of the page at once and swap between them…

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Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is an intuitive web browser that has various security modes to secure your sensitive data from unauthorized viewing. It is a user-friendly software to provide you a clean environment, excellent browsing speed, and lots of powerful tools to protect your privacy. Epic furnishes users the options to…

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BlackHawk is a Chromium base web browser which supports tabbed browsing, extensions, and developer tools. With BlackHawk, you can navigate the Internet with confidence, bookmark your favorite websites and easily manage your add-ons. The software facilitates you to show the current page in an Internet Explorer-based tab and to view…

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Avant Browser

Avant Browser is an Internet Explorer based browser to enhance your browsing experience with the help of a powerful suite of features and different customization options. It has built-in rendering engines like Trident, Gecko, and Webkit. Avant Browser supports download manager, bookmarks, RSS reader, autofill forms, translation operations with the…

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Yandex.The browser is a user-friendly Internet browser that helps you to surf the Internet in a cluster-free interface. Yandex.The browser has a built-in turbo mode, and you can enable it when your internet connection is slow to get excellent browsing speed. The application will warn you about malicious sites that…

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Waterfox is designed to enhance your browsing experience by furnishing you with a quick, reliable and secure web explorer. It is a Firefox-based application that has all the advantages of Firefox and offers you powerful customization options and security features. Waterfox tab-based interface enables you to open multiple pages at…

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Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is chromium based Internet browser which looks like Google Chrome and mostly puts emphasis security while browsing the Internet. It offers to Install Adobe Flash Player if it is already not installed on the PC and recommends the use of COMODO Secure DNS servers to improve security. It…

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CometBird is a one of the less known software solutions that have a clean interface, many customizable tools, and remarkable browsing speed. Its user interface is quite similar to Firefox’s layout. CometBird provides you all the necessary features like multi-tabbed support, smart bookmarks folders, tags, a library and a location…

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QupZilla is a browser that provides fast navigation speed, tab-based interface, download managers, bookmarks, an RSS reader, and an ad blocker. It allows you to take screenshots of entire pages and Opera-like “Speed Dial” homepage. Moreover, the plus side of QupZilla browser refers to three main advantages regarding speed, look…

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Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a Firefox-based open source web browser that provides you fast browsing speed and user-friendly browsing experience. It supports all Firefox extensions and themes, but some Firefox features are disabled in Pale Moon to boost the browsing speed and decrease resource consumption. At starting, you can import Options,…

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PirateBrowser is an Internet browser that combines the Tor client with a portable version of Mozilla Firefox and provides you an efficient solution to browse the Internet securely. It is not a TOR browser and does not grant you anonymity while3 on the web. But it makes possible to override…

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