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14 1FREEHOSTING Alternatives

1FREEHOSTING is a web-based application that provides free hosting to its users. The program offers 10GB disk space and 100GB bandwidth for any user website. It supports unlimited Add-on domains. The program allows you to create five Email accounts, five, MySQL databases, five free subdomains, five Parked domains, and five FTP accounts. It contains an easiest Website Builder & publisher and offers free Professional Web Design Templates. You can create a backup of your data on a Weekly basis. The program also supports International Domain names. This website contains many technical features like FTP access, MySQL 5 Database server, two Web File Manager, cURL, GD, Web SSH console, Hotlinking protection, Zend Optimizer. E-mail Hosting features are part of 1FREEHOSTING like E-mail alias, IMAP support, Spam Assasin Protection, POP3 Accounts and WebMail Access. It offers numerous Hosting Control Panel features & Scripts like MhpMyAdmin, Instant Blogs, IP Deny Manager, Instant Forums, WordPress Hosting, Instant counter, Redirect URL, Password protected directories and Instant Guestbook. Moreover, 1FREEHOSTING offers support for DHTML, Flash, MIDI, JavaScript, Real Audio and Video, as well as Streaming Audio & Video. Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers, Customized and Optimized Apache Web Server, Linux Operating System, 24/7 Network Monitoring and Courtesy Site Backups are part of it.

Official Website

000webhost is a free website hosting program having ten years industry leadership experience. This cloud-based application contains high ranking in the web hosting market. It is a world leader in furnishing first class free web hosting services without any cost. Millions of users are part of 000webhost’s community. Just sign…

Official Website

ProFreeHost is a professional website hosting program that provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It provides space free of cost. Just register yourself and be a part of ProFreeHost’s community. This cloud-based program contains multiple servers around the world and is using unique cluster technology. The combination of numerous servers…

Official Website
Ktm Web Hosting

Ktm Web Hosting is one of the famous web hosting program that provides you unlimited Disk storage and unlimited domain hosting. It has a free drag & drop site builder for helping you to create a new website. This online program provides support to International Domain names. In addition, the…

Official Website

Heliohost is a community that provides free hosting for everyone. It is providing services to its users completely free. It offers professional level PHP 5 hosting with safe mode disabled. You can also install libraries like GD, cURL, XML-RPC, and much more. The program facilitates you to store up to…

Official Website
Smart Hosting

Smart Hosting is the UK’s best Web Hosting program. It provides 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to its users. You can store unlimited data on your website and also create unlimited accounts on Smart Hosting. It has OnApp-Powered VPS Hosting and contains SSD Powered VPS Cloud. You can also change…

Official Website

X10Hosting is a full-featured Web hosting program that allows you to get unlimited cloud hosting free of cost. If you want to write your PHP scripts or install third party packages, X10Hosting provides you full control of it. X10Hosting’s server has more than 300 one-click installers to make setting up…

Official Website

ServerBeach is a web hosting company that allows you to host unlimited websites on its servers. It provides the perfect hosting solution to match your performance from online stores to real-time bidding. It furnishes you with the performance, power, and resiliency that supports the most demanding online programs. It supports…

Official Website
Mill For Business

Mill For Business is one of the most famous cloud-based programs that allows you to host your domains on its fast servers. A Website Builder is a part of that facilitates you to create your website and make it a part of Mill For Business. It provides hosted Exchange email,…

Official Website

iPage is a commercial web hosting program. You can get a website and full online presence for your business. The application allows you to create a site from thousands of mobile-friendly templates and attract visitors with a comprehensive marketing suite. It helps you to create the online presence using their…

Official Website

Datarealm is a web hosting program that is providing servers to its customers from last twenty years. Security is the most important preference of Datarealm, and it is using active monitoring and firewalls for this purpose. It is a commercial program, so it is providing different rates for services. A…

Official Website

Cloudsigma is a straightforward website hosting program that provides a combination of raw underlying computing power with an approach. Modern hardware and CPU customization options enable your programs to fly whatever your workload or operating system. It provides a stream at multiple gigabit speeds from its cloud servers. It furnishes…

Official Website

Rackspace is a certified web hosting program that provides fully managed hosting for the highest levels of performance and uptime. For your demanding workloads, you can ask Rackspace’s architects to create a customized solution built on dedicated storage, servers, networking and managed services. It combines servers with the public or…

Official Website
Skytap Cloud

Skytap Cloud is the Cloud-based program that can extend your cloud and DevOps strategy to traditional program architectures. It is a commercial program, but you can use it freely for the 30-day trial purpose. It connects to systems that must remain on-premises. You can capture, version and share complex environments…

Official Website

ElasticHosts is a commercial website hosting program that assists you to host your business websites on it. It is a cloud server hosting for Developers, Admins, and Engineers. It offers the high level of customization and control. It comprises the most advanced Open Source technology. The company can set-up and…

Official Website