15 10MinuteMail Alternatives

10MinuteMail is a fast way to set up a direct email address to avoid spam from different websites which require your email address for verification. As selling your email address is websites business so you can avoid a barrage of unsolicited messages from anyone purchasing such a list. When you open this site, a randomly generated email address will be allocated to you. When you access the page, a timer will begin to click down to 10 minutes. After a period of 10 minutes, the email address will be deleted automatically. But if you want extra time for your work than simply you have to click the link for “10 more minutes!” and the timer resets back to 10. There is no need to enter your personal information or to fill any registration form. One of the stunning features of 10MinuteMail is that it will allow the user to reply or forward messages to any email address. It is one of the best tools in keeping the registration with a website live including any information sent to you. You have the opportunity to click the link to verify the email address and forward the message to your personal email address.


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Dispostable is one of the fantastic email address where you can create your disposable email by using any random name that ends with @dispostable.com. If you are not able to think about a speech according to your assumption, then the Dispostable system will provide you a randomly generated email address…

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Mailinator is an unsecured email address that provides you the opportunity to create virtually any address if you are working on untrusted websites. For site registration, people have the ability to give this email address instead of their regular email address. It is a simple email address system that will…

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AirMail has a very quick and randomly generated activation process for an email address. The address generated will seem like a real email address, in fact, it’s temporary. If provided email address is not according to your choice, then you can select a new email address randomly by clicking the…

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GuerrilllaMail will help you to get any email address without giving your personal information. A temporary address will be allocated to you to receive the inevitable solicited emails without any registration. Emails get purged every hour, and the address itself never expires. GuerrilllaMail has a straightforward interface, and the user…

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MintEmail is a temporary email address providing a website that will allow you to get a one-time email address for circumventing email confirmations. So if a site asks you for your email address then provide your temporary email address generated on MintEmail and avoid the spam that is sure to…

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Spamgourmet is a website for providing a fake email address for temporary use. If you require an email address to provide to a third party, but you do want to give your original email account to anyone. You have to get register on the Spamgourmet website and emails sent to…

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FakeInbox is a website that will generate a temporary email address for your use. So you can get a temporary email address through FakeInbox to provide it to the third party for site registration. Here you can create some email addresses and the email account set up on FakeInbox set…

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MailNesia is one of the best disposable email websites. If you want a registration on a site, and you do not want to provide your original email address, then you can use any @mailnesia.com instead of original. It also provides you email verification links in the background to validate the…

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FakeMail Generator

FakeMail Generator is a website that permits you to circumvent email confirmations by providing you a fake email address for temporary use. Next time if a registration site asks you for your email address, provide them a FakeMail Generator address, and you can avoid the spam. FakeMail Generator domains are…

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MailCatch is an active email providing service that permits you to create fake disposable mailboxes, in a purely anonymous way. When a registration website wants your e-mail address, and you don’t want to give your real email address for fear of spam, then you can just provide fake address through…

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SpamBog is a German website that can provide you a fake email address for temporary use. You can use SpamBog email service where you do not want to use your personal email address, and you can protect yourself from spam and unwanted Newsletter. One of the unusual features of this…

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MyTrashMail is a website that can provide you a temporary email address. You can use MyTrashMail anonymous service to secure your private email address from getting spammed. A conventional Spam Blocker protects you from incoming spam emails. When you want an email address to sign up a newsletter or register…

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Riseup is a secure email client. The best about Riseup is that it also work as VPN. Riseup is among the list of oldest email clients as it was launched in 1999. Since its launch, Riseup is providing a platform for secure and safe emails to the users. Riseup is…

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It is a free email service. It offers many features including spam protection, a guard from phishing and online abuses. It creates temporary inbox of your choice. No registration is required. YOPmail is little different from other email clients. It actually generates the disposable email address and in that’s why…

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MailDrop is an email client that lets the users create their own email address without going for any registration process. MailDrop is the best option in case if you are in need to make an account at a new website, but you are not sure about its safety and have…

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